13th July is important day more than Election Day - Hamza Shahbaz

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حالانکہ یہ کُکڑی حرامزادہ دل میں دعائیں مانگتا ہو گا
،کہ وڈا لوہار اپنے ڈھائی سو درباریوں سمیت دریائے مُردار میں گِر کر غرق ہو جائے


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The whole PMLN Election campaign depending on 13th july drama....

If Care Taker Govt. want to avoid any situation they took landing to Islamabad on last moments....

Arrest them there and transfer Adiyala......Ek minute ka b drama nhn ho ga..Sab qisa khataam......


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What a shame, Hamza is saying to receive his uncle, Nawaz and Maryam is asking if the party workers will help them in this worst time. But the two for whom this time has come , HASSAN & HUSSAIN nawaz are not ready to leave England and come to Pakistan in defense of their father and sister
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