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کرنل ریٹائرڈ انعام الرحیم ایڈووکیٹ بیرونی قوتوں کے جاسوس ہیں، سپریم کورٹ میں انکشاف


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Skip to 7:26 for the breaking news.
Revelations of Col Retd Inam could be the reason PML-N voted in favor of the Army. What Sheikh Rasheed referred to as Taveez that Defence Minister gave to PML-N.
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It is a mere coincidence that he was the counsel of missing persons, to be missing himself later on. And suddenly he was found to be spy of yahoodi and nasrani powers.
In this country human rights is a luxury and not a right


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aj maloom hua...nawaz jaise ghaddar khullam khula ghaddari karte rahe hain....aur bhi kai ghaddar mokud hain lekin batane kaa koi faida nahin jab tak islami inqelab nahin aa ghaddar aur shaitan maze karte rahain ge...kyunke hukumat, idare aur adliya sab men ghaddar mojud hain...


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If person in Army challenge these corrupt Generals then he get the label of spy. Army Generals are the biggest assets of foreign countries like US or Saudia


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Espionage cases are so sensitive no country can give details as net work will never be traced.
Most of democratic countries do cold blooded murder secretly with spies.


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کوئی بتائے گا کہ جماعت اسلامی کے لوگ کیوں کیمونسٹ ہونے کے دعوے دار صحافیوں کے وکیل اور دم چھلاّ بنے ہوئے ہیں ۔۔۔۔جماعت کی نون اور پی پی کی خاکساری تو کچھ سمجھ آتی ہے کہ جماعت کو ہمیشہ سیاسی اور مالی مفاد اصول سے زیادہ عزیز رہا ہے مگر انعام الرحمن جیسوں کی خدمتگزاری اور چاپلوسی کیوں ؟
شاید اس لئے کہ انعام ایسے پالتو لوگوں کا لیفٹ یا کیمونسٹ ہونے کا دعوا نرا جعلی اور مکمل ڈھکوسلا ہے ورنہ انکا عمل بھارت اور ویسٹ کے کیلئے پراپگنڈا کر کے اپنا مالی مفاد کا حصول ہے یا پھر مبینہ طور انعام کی طرح کے ایجنٹ بھرتی ہیں​


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There is an alternative system of establishment made by foreign agencies. I would give credits to RAW. With CIA and MOSAD and MI6 on back. Recruits are bureaucrates ex military men judiciary, bar councils and journalists, key players in trade unions and obviously few politicians. Sometimes they work in coordination that it seems like that it's working of Pakistani agencies. Sometimes people who work for them think that they are working for ISI as they can't confirn or double check. Yes you can laugh at it. But it's high time that our agencies start cleaning backyard


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صدیق جان کو اپنا پرائیوٹ ٹی وی چینل کھول لینا چاہیے.

اب حامد میر کو پکڑ لینا چاہیے.


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نواز شریف کے دور میں ایسی چیزیں دبا دی جاتی تھیں.
شائد پٹواریوں کو کوئی حیا آ جاۓ.
میڈیا حسب حرام زدگی خاموش ہے.

.الله کرے اس دفعہ سارا صفایا ہو جاۓ.
سیاستدانوں میڈیا پولس اور وکیلوں کی چھانٹی ہو جاۓ.



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Inam ur rehman was lawyer of missing persons. Then he himself went missing. At that time ISPR officially stated that they had nothing to do with his dissappearance. Now they r claiming that he was kidnapped by them because he was trying to sell some nuclear secret codes or whatever.
He was not given the right to defend himself in proper court of law. Established principles of justice were thrown out of the window. This is Pakistan trying to become another North Korea
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