"دیکھنا کوئی رہ تو نہیں گیا جو میرے خلاف نہ ہو"


MPA (400+ posts)
What another Syria or Yemen? They don’t need to make us that. They have already brought the country to its knees. National honour and self respect is at it lowest point since probably fall of Dhaka.

The enemies have succeeded in bringing army and the people at loggerheads with each other. The fear is that if the traitors don’t give up, the resistance can go violent and lurch into civil war. When a nuclear power is destabilised, you can forget about Syria or Yemen.

This will be the biggest security threat this world would ever see.
There will never be a civil war as long as laws of the country are respected. Bajwa and Bindyal did what was right for the country. They could have exploited the situation for their personal gains but they did not- both of them are true patriots

PDM represents majority of the Pakistanis if they obyed America for their personal gains to bring a change within Pakistan you can call them traitors or American allies whatever you want to call them but the fact remains they represent majority of the Pakistanis as per 2018 elections

If you do not like it expose them to Pakistani people and come back with a majority and start disobeying America or whatever you want to do no one is going to stop you as no one stopped to supporting Taliban against America in Afghanistan and saying absolutelly not
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