1. btghazwa

    This is the selection process for Muslims ! Not democracy/dictatorship

    Watch this clip and see how we the Muslims select our guardian caretakers from amongst the post God fearing, knowledgeable both in deen and dunya, pious, selfless, righteous, practicing mo'min, a benevolent father figure." width="550" height="443"
  2. News Night With Talat

    News Night With Talat - 26th July 2011 - Selection of topic & Anchor Role - LIve Call From Public

  3. crankthskunk

    Zardari selection as President: Wikileaks

    More wikileak confirming him planning of PPP to select Zardari as President. Deals and offers to PMLQ and MQM for his selection. No doubt that Zardari wanted to be the President, knowing that Gilani would be the puppet to give the appearance of democracy, while he would be in charge behind...
  4. adnan78692

    My Designed Poetry Work and Selection

  5. A

    Pakistan Cricket Team Selection

    aslam o alikum. pakistan kay selectors aik dafa phir team select karnay ja rahay hen. kehnay ko to kuch new players ko chance daina chahty hen but selection men phir merit ko nazar andazkarnay ja rahy hen. ab time hea team ko new blood laganay ka phir hamary board walay phir un players ko lana...