1. A

    Voter Registration Procedure!!!

    Voter Registration One of the main reasons PTI suffered in the last few by-elections was due to the inefficient voting registration mechanism. Although this is the responsibility of the Election Commission of Pakistan, who failed to provide guidance and help to many people. However Pakistan...
  2. ealtaf

    ECP Launches Door-to-Door Voter Registration Drive from 22nd August; Imran Asks Youth to Get Registe

    Chairman PTI Imran Khan has lauded the launch of door-to-door verficiation of 80 million voters by Election commission having NADRA CNICs which started from Monday, 22nd August and will continue till 30th September 2011. Imran Khan has asked upon the youth to ensure their registration as voters...
  3. Ch Azam

    A Big Issue: Majority of PTI supporters are not registered voters.

    My Dear Brother & Sisters : Kuch din se main aik sarvay par kam kar raha hoon..........jis k natayaj bohat khoof naak hain (IK sporters k leye) ham kuch doston ne mukhtalif mehfloon main jab bhi bat ki k kon sa leader is waqt Pakistan ko Mushkil se nikal sakta ha tu average above 65% logon k...
  4. malikbhai

    Get Your Vote Registered.

    Please Visit the following link to get registered your Vote.