1. Skeptic

    Failed State Index

  2. redaxe

    Pakistan ranks 12th on failed states index: Report

    Pakistan ranked number 12 on a list of the most failed states, according to an annual report published in the Foreign Policy* magazine on Tuesday. The report titled The Failed States Index 2011 compiles a list of 60 of the of the worlds most vulnerable countries. From refugee flows to...
  3. F

    Global Peace Index - Pakistan is number 8 from bottom

    Faqir analysis: Pakistan is number 8 from bottom. None of Muslim country is in top ten list however QATAR - a muslim country has made number 12. Lets Learn from Qatar as a muslim country what pakistan suppose to do to solve Terriost problems. Pakistan should have to take some steps and follow...
  4. IndiaGuy

    India 5th most powerful nation, says govt index

    NEW DELHI: India is the fifth most powerful country in the world, says the latest national security index (NSI) designed by the country's foremost security and economic experts. A part of India's National Security Annual Review 2010, which will be officially released by foreign minister SM...