1. KhanHaripur

    The courage of a stolen childhood

    Showkat Nanda took this picture of a young Kashmiri boy throwing stones at an armoured vehicle in the summer of 2009 just moments after another young boy, shot by Indian security forces, had died in his arms [Showkat Nanda] When I shot this picture in the summer of 2009, I remembered the image...
  2. chitra


    Courage is what happens when your desire to make positive progress is greater than your fear of a negative setback. Courage is what happens when you look at those fears, listen to them, learn from them, use them to prepare, and then move boldly forward. Courage is how problems are turned...
  3. Aaj Ki Baat

    Aaj Ki Baat - 9th April 2011 - Dr Javed Laghari & Dr Wahab - Save HEC: Higher Education Needs Politi