1. S

    MV Suez: Released sailors return after 11 months - PNS Zulfi'qar reached Karachi - Congratulation to

  2. B

    Congratulation! America Succeed to divert our attention.

    Now a days, when you turn on TV, Radio or Internet, the only news you will get is about OBL (Osama Bin Ladin). TV channels in the Islamic worlds are only broadcasting programs related to OBL death and his organization. I think the United States of America succeeded in diverting our attention...
  3. qamar_zaman

    Congratulation India / India wins World Cup cricket they showed determination what Pakistan lacked

    India has won the world cup the way they played with determination planning and willing ness is always required to win such title Pakistan was lacking that spirit the only time thay showed such spirit was in 1992 and in future if we want to win such title we are needed to learn lesson and find...
  4. C

    Congratulation to Zardari, Gelani, Nawaz, Kayani and Pasha