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    Bangladesh's booming middle class

    Bangladesh's business booms as nations from Europe to Asia struggle with the global economic crisis. The middle class's appetite for consumption in this Asian country is boosting the country's economy. Statistics show that 30 million people make up the middle income bracket; this is more than...
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    Shahid Afridi Booming English County By 3 Man Of The Match Awards In 5 Matches

    Shahid Afridi, a star from Pakistan is very busy in county league in England. He became Man of the match 3 times in 5 matches he played. What a great performance yar. In first match, he took one wicket and scored tow runs. In second match, he took 5 wickets. In third, he scored 29 runs and...
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    Pakistan's fitness industry booming

    Pakistan's fitness industry is perhaps one of the few sectors of the country's economy that has boomed in recent years. It caters to all sections of society from high-flying executives to housewives, and for people in Karachi it is also a retreat away from the violence that has plagued...
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    Indian schools ranked no1 in the world . Booming India