Muhammad Jabran

I am The Creator Of Following Videos :-

1:- The Golden Era Of Cheif Justice Exposed By Everyone 2013
2:- 2014 Will Be The Year Of Revolution In Pakistan 2014
3 :- Illuminati Xposed In Pakistan 2014
4:- The Battle Of Cultures In Pakistan 2014
5:- Terrorism - Jihad Or Fasaad In Pakistan 2014
6:- The Devil’s Pyramid Decoded In Pakistan 2014 [English Language]
7:- The Reality Of Non Muslim Rights In Pakistan 2014
8:- The Final War In Pakistan Road To Revolution 2014 (Part 2)
9:- Han Mein Baghi Hon (Revolution 2014) - Short Film
10:- The Underworld Mafias In Pakistan 2014
11:- Pakistan Mein Jamhoriat Bahtareen Ya Badtareen 2014
12- The Land Of Israel And The Four Blood Moons 2014-2015 (17July 2014)[English Urdu]
13- A Tribute To The Greatest Martyr Of The History 2014 (Short Film)
14):- The Iron Wall - Misbah Ul Haq 2015
15):- The Devil's Black Magic Xposed In Pakistan 2015

I Have Written following articles:-

1):- Democracy: Good Or Worst Form Of Govenment In Pakistan
2:- The Phenomena Of Four Blood Moons And The Land Of Israel
3):- Why Muslims Are So Outdated?
4):- Why I Believe Devil's Pyramid Decoded
5):- Breaking Bad - The Outstanding Drama I Have Ever Seen
6):- The Greatest Martyr of the History Hussein Ibne Ali

اردو کے مظامین

1):- پاکستان کے تین بڑے سیاسی راہنماؤں پرایک تنقیدی جائزہ
2):- موت کا سفر
3):- شیطان کے دربار میں
4):- میرے خواب اور پیارا پاکستان
5):- عمران سیریز کی یاد میں
6):- علامہ اقبال کے تعاقب میں
7):- لاڈلی جمہوریت
8):- شمشیر و سنا اول طاؤس و رباب آخر

اسرائیل جارحیت کےخلاف متفقہ مزمتی قرارد

You can see all of them on internet circulating all over Social Media. I am the student of Media Studies, History, Pol Science And Religion.

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