What PTI has achieved in KPK & what is being done to bring promised changes - Walid Iqbal explains

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I see people and the Media highliting the issue of furniture in KPK schools, where the KPK Govt is clearly saying that they are in the process of provding the furniture to all the schools..

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the whole problem of this country is the constituencies of CM's or ministers. only those constituencies are important and are part of pakistan. CM KPK is traversing the same path. Kohat,Karak,Bannu,Lakki,DI Khan jaise azlah KP government ko KPK ka hissa nhe mehsoos hote.. they think peshawar,mardan,nowshera sawabi is kpk part. Karak is contributing the most in the economy of KPK but got nothing because apperently CM is busy in securing his seat in the next election.


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Love to see a guy like Waleed Iqbal speaking so passionately
about what has been done and what else could be achieved.
I wish our voters send educated people like him to assemblies.
سماء ٹی وی کا اینکر کیمرہ لے کر پشاور کی سڑک&a

سماء ٹی وی کا اینکر کیمرہ لے کر پشاور کی سڑکوں پہ نکل گیا، لوگوں نے پی ٹی آئی حکومت کے بارے میں کیا کہا؟ خود دیکھئیے.
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