To The Criminal Judiciary Of Pakistan, It is A Supreme Criminal Act of Negligence For Not Putting S


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To Dear Saqib Nisar,

I hope you read Pakistani Nations comment regarding this crime family of Jati Mujrah. How long do you plan to torture Pakistani Nation with the FILTH Called Nawaz Dakoo and his immoral daughter who has commited perjury in your court in broad day light.

Yet you have done nothing to stop this circus show of criminals shareefs? Question is WHY?

Why such leniency towards this tribe of ignorant anti state traitors? Is this because Nawaz is a Kashmiri? Punjabi? Shaikh? Why have you allowed such a vile group of criminals to ROAM free and make anti Pakistan anti judicary speeches? Any other Pakistani would have been in jail by now. Their crime list with evidence is front of you..

Is this a selective justice? based on criminal stolen wealth status? Today she compared her criminal convicted father to our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We the people of Pakistan EXPECT YOU TO TAKE NOTICE OF HER SPEECH IN RELATION OUR NABI pbuh. It is YOUR DUTY TO APPLY EXTREME FORM OF JUSTICE ALLOWED IN ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE REGARDING HER CRIMINAL SPEECH.

Pakistani Nation demands action from you Justice Saqib Nisar period. You MUST NOT allow this anti Muslim conduct of Shareefs to continue in Pakistan any more.

Next time it will not be the shoe thrown at these anti Muslim Agent rulers being protected by the judiciary.


Pakistani Nation.
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Mr Chief Justice, Saqib Nisar sb...
We stand with the thread starter and REQUEST your Highness to PLEASE take Stern action against this filthy Nawaz Shareef and his daughter Mariam Safdar/Shareef, who are abusing our Judiciary and Pak Army openly, now this woman is comparing her corrupt father with our Prophet SAW, Naoozobillah...
We the Pakistani Nation once again request you to Please take action ASAP..Thankyou.
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