The dangerous US-Saudi attempt of regime change in pakistan


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[FONT=&amp][FONT=&amp]Pakistan witnesses the largest political crisis in recent years. Leaders of the main opposition parties called on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down because of the corruption charges brought against him by the investigation team formed by the country's Supreme Court. Increasing instability in the only Muslim country that possesses nuclear weapons raises fears of experts.

[FONT=&amp]The crisis began with the publication of the famous Panama Papers in April 2016. Among the published documents, there was also compromising evidence on the family of the Pakistani prime minister. According to them, the children of Sharif allegedly related to offshore companies Nescoll Limited, Nielson Holdings Limited, Coomber Group Inc., and Hangon Property Holdings Limited. From 2006 to 2007, these firms were engaged in buying up elite housing in London for a total of up to 13.8 million dollars.

[FONT=&amp]The political scientist from Bangladesh Ahmed Rajeev shared his view on the origins and prospects of political crisis:

[FONT=&amp]6[SUP]th[/SUP] April 2016, Wikileaks revealed that Panama Papers leak was funded by USAID and George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Many analysts agreed that the US government is pursuing a worldwide destabilization policy, and the particular Panama papers leak has been serving the purpose of destabilization since the country has been losing her liberal imperial adventures and now wants all the dollars back into her vault in the coming period of great financial crisis. Therefore, the Panama papers leak is not trustworthy at all. It serves primarily the US interest.

Moreover,Pakistan’s main opposition leader Imran Khan is acting as political puppet of the US. He and his party are following the so called Panama paper leaks to mobilize people against the prime minister undermining the negative consequences.

[FONT=&amp]On July 7th 2017, the former Pakistani army chief retired Gen Raheel Sharif, the head of the Saudi-led Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism came from Saudi Arabia by a special plane. Local media reported that some Saudi nationals accompanied Gen Sharif who reportedly left for his residence from Lahore airport’s old terminal while the Saudis moved to a local hotel.

His surprising come back coincided with the timing of corruption probe against Nawaz Sharif. Therefore, a ground breaking role can be speculated from the ex-army chief. On the other hand, the US is not willing to pull off so easily from the only Muslim country that has nuclear bombs. It is also true that regarding Pakistan, the US and Saudi Arabia both have similar aim of controlled destabilization in the region for gaining geostrategic upper hand in dealing Russia, China, India, Central Asia and Iran. Therefore, the opposition leader Imran Khan and Gen Raheel Sharif both have the same aim of regime change. I assume they are working together.

[FONT=&amp]It is also well known fact that Pakistan was supported heavily for a very long period of time on the military ground by the US for implementing the US favored geopolitical and geostrategic policy in the Af-Pak region and to increase influence in Central Asia, Iran and India aimed at containing Russia and China. But the current government under Nawaz Sharif appeared as an obstacle to implement such western project since he has given more importance to China-Pakistan relationship and Russia-Pakistan relationship than that of US-Pakistan. Subsequently, the US policy makers are very possibly seeking regime change in Pakistan to destabilize the country in order to disrupt the CPEC project and the Russia-Pakistan rapprochement under the double containment or neo-containment policy.

[FONT=&amp]The current political tension of Pakistan will be raised more. Already, Nawaz Sharif said that he would not step down. Therefore, there is a high chance of high-conflict oriented political and security instability inside Pakistan. Such security chaos also has the potential to turn into regional chaos if any external force supports to expand the radical extremism as a proxy force as we have observed in Syria and Iraq and several other places of Middle East crisis. Since Pakistan has nuclear arsenals, the proxy war will be very risky for the South Asian region. Terrorists will seek to use those weapons against adversaries to create a long lasting fear of nuclear massacre. [/FONT]
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Hmm...a bangladeshi, writing for a russian website, giving his expert opinion on Pakistan. Yeah noorani, makes a lot of sense.

Next time try quoting a croatian, writing in a polish newspaper.


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سب دشمنوں کا یہی دل کرے گا کہ اک کرپٹ چور جاہل اور غردار بندہ دنیا کی ساتویں ایٹمی قوت کو صومالیہ کے برابر رکھے.


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THis is the most pathetic excuse of all the ones I have heard. The source of the article is :lol::lol:. I asked my Russian colleague and he had no knowledge of this paper. If Saudi's and US wants something to happen NS is their man, he has no guts to stand up to them. If he had any, he would have called out to SA after he was snubbed from speaking to the conference. The guy has till to date said a word about Kulbashan Yadav. He is the best man when it comes for proxies. He has so much dirt on him, that they even dont need to do arm twisting.


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Hmm...a bangladeshi, writing for a russian website, giving his expert opinion on Pakistan. Yeah noorani, makes a lot of sense.

Next time try quoting a croatian, writing in a polish newspaper.

I asked my Russian colleague, and he had no idea about this website/newspaper, and Pakistanis are supposed to take it seriously.


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احمقانہ اورجھوٹا پراپگنڈا۔ نہ سر ہے اور نہ پیر۔
صرف یہ دیکھنے کی ضرورت ہے کس ملک کی ایجنسی نے لکھوایا ہے۔

یہ ٹیپیکل فرمایشی پروگرام ہے۔


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تھوڑا صبر رکھیں، نعوز با الله کچھ دنوں بعد ایک اور خبر آے گی کہ الله تعالیٰ اپنے فرشتوں کے ذریعے میاں صاحب کے خلاف سازش کر رہے ہیں اور احمد نورانی اسے بھی خبر بنا کر لگا دے گا


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Yar is ch.t ko norani na likha karo..Ahmed Nora likha karo..please..m tu is ke SC Mien hearing ka wait kar raha ho..toheen e adalat ke case mien


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یہ حرام کی اولاد کونسا احمد ہے جو راجیو بھی ہے یا اسکی والدہ صاحب کے ساتھ راجیو نے زیادتی کر دی تھی جس وجہ سے یہ اپنے مبینہ زیادتی کرنے والے کو یاد رکھتا ہے


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I have the same suspicions.

establishment (and thank you raheel shareef) is working with al-sheikh to give shareefs a lesson over not jumping in the wars.
I believe Volume 10 which is kept confidential is full of the proofs provided by al-sheikh.

So to teach the lesson, they have decided to use the cases against Shareefs which are not necessarily false.

Shahid Abassi

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ایک منٹ کے لئے فرض کرلو کہ سعودی یا کسی اور ملک نے شریفوں کی چھٹی کروانے کے لئے پانامہ لیکس نکلوائیں۔
اب اگر اس چور نے عوام کا پیسہ چوری نہ کیا ہوتا، اپنے سترہ سترہ سال کے بچوں کو ارب پتی نہ بنایا ہوتا تو کیا وہ
ایسا کر سکتے تھے۔ کسی چور کو کوئی حق نہیں پہنچتا کہ شکائت کرے کہ فلاں نے مجھے پکڑوایا ہے۔


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Enemies of Pakistan are trying their best to save Nawaz sharif, bomb blasts on day of Panama hearing are proof that agencies are being threatened. Funny thing is these kind conspiracies are coming from mostly Endians number 1 enemy of Pakistan. But they cant save Nawaz this time. InshAllah


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NS is a boot kisser of US to the highest level, foreign powers maybe concerned with present political developments inside Pakistan. I am sure there think tanks maybe considering who shud replace NS. Zardari is out of the question. Shabaz, hamza shabaz are potential boot polishers to the western powers.


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فضول بات تو اس لیے لگتی ہے کہ اسی نواز شریف کو یہی لوگ حکومت میں لائے ہیں اور اب نواز شریف نے سعودیوں اور امریکیوں کی کونسی بات نہیں مانی کہ وہ اس حکومت کو تبدیل کرتے پھرے؟ اور اگر اس تھرڈ کلاس کو وزیراعظمی کے عہدے بھی ہٹانا چاہتے ہیں تو کسے لانا چاہتے ہیں، پھر تو عمران انکے لیے اس سے بھی بُری چوائس ہے۔

اور اس نورانی کی کسی بھی بات کا اعتبار نہیں۔


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So the US and Saudi said to NS to do corruption, submit fake documents, get employment & employment visa from UAE etc? If it is true that NS did all this on the instructions of US and Saudis, then he is biggest security risk. The god-father is passing on all state secrets to HIS god-father. He doesn't deserve to be the PM of any country. Fire him right away and start treason case against him.