The best Twitter reactions to the Supreme Court's Panama verdict


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A year after the Panama Leaks and five months after the Supreme Court hearing on the Panama case, the Supreme Court passed a judgement this afternoon stating that "a thorough investigation is required" into allegations of corruption by the Sharif family.

Taking this as a victory, the Sharif family is already [celebrating]

Because, well, Pakistan. Here's what Pakistanis had to say online:

1) Think the verdict is a joke? Haha. We have more where that came from

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mubarik Shah

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then Mr. peaceful should sit aside until this matter settles......if not then this donkey in your picture is better than your so called Mr. peaceful.....
if he won't allow a fair JIT then INSHALLAH people of Pakistan will change him to PIECES of rubbish...

you are a delusional a man in a situation below , can talk this rubbish

nawaz sahab is man of peace on serious note .