Siraj ul Haq speaks in favour of Nawaz Sharif, "This government has failed so far"

Dr Adam

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اسلام کے ان ٹھیکیداروں کا کوئی دین ایمان ہو تو بندہ انکی پھلجھڑیوں پر اپنا کوئی تبصرہ داغے ! یہ تو بس چاہتے ہیں کے ٹینڈر کے بغیر ہی ان کو ٹھیکہ مل جائے


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Maulana will not let a single opportunity to expose himself, this drama bazz lives a few street from us, the home he only visit for show. but now he is badly exposed and thats why people rejected him in his home village.


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hairatt hai nawaz Sharif Butt kaa yeh Munafiq bharva abb tkk khamosh kion thaa? yeh molvi munafiq fazloo diesel kaa khabba aur nawaz Sharif Butt kaa sajja aur iskay saath dakoo liaquat biloch yeh dono jamatt islami ke porrus ke hathi hain jinhon naay corrupt logon ki bharva geeri ki khatir jamat Islam ko zaleel o khawaar krr ke uskaa berra gharaqq krr diyaa aur taqreebnn khtmm kraa diyaa


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I wonder what makes these guys think that they can govern in today's complex world?

Even the mainline parties PTI, PMLN, and PPP don't have enough technically capable politicians among their ranks to understand the workings of today's world and these Mullah who have hardly stepped one foot outside Pakistan and have never read more than one book (i.e. Quran) in their entire lifespan can even imagine that they can last one day in government!! 😒😒😒😒
Well if they or us read the book and understand properly then it’s more then enough. Dilemma is we don’t understand it.
And please don’t mentioned this book in such ordinary way, this book isn’t ordinary at all.
JI is a political party like any other party in Pakistan and I always criticize them that please take out Islami from your Jamat name cause their acts aren’t Islamic however, they say Jamat e Islami.


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Indeed, that is written in Chapter X of the Chartered of Democracy:
- Loot
- Stash it Overseas
- Go Overseas
- Come back when things calm down.

Both, NS and Zardari, are going to follow that line.


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Establishment ka shukriya key aisey chamgadrein hum par thopi rakhi

Last 10 years damage will take decades to recover

Aik baar phir shukriya
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