Sindh rejects Bhasha Dam!!!


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PPP and PMLN are anti Pakistan parties.They have done a lot of harm to Pakistan's economy,security and reputation.18th amendment was a conspiracy by these two corrupt parties to weaken federal government.The federal government has no power to implement laws through out the country.


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Do what is required for country, keep a king size BUMBOO and keep using occasionally in the back of these non deserving leaders who you(Imran Khan) taught the meaning of democracy, your fault you did not checked their education before giving them this huge burden of democracy and now it is digestible for them so help them digest the use of BUMBOO.


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They come up with a logic against the damns that the construction of a damn robs the rich minerals from water and down the river bed the water isnt as effective for irrigation.. well there is a simple solution to it too.. modern damn structures are built in a way that the sediments can be passed through without them being stopped at the damn . This is the onlyyyy thing ppp always object to and i am amazed no one replies to them on this issue..i hope someone from youtube sees my comment and just a little research and can create a video to counter this propaganda


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ye ppp ka anhi sindh k logo ne chle thi aur phr kehte ho k wo log nafrat q krte hai itni punjabion se q k pehle hi indus delta m pani nahi aa rhaa ahi apne rivers to beach kr khaa gae ab nazar pari hai indus river pr jaha pehle pani poora nahi aa rha hi aur uppper se dam bana rahe ho jahilon thora research krlia karo jaldi se ap log gaddar keh lete ho aur uthwa lete ho bando ko wo b apni hi mulk k baki dosro k liye tea is fantastic hoti hia
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