Sharif family's front man Mushtaq Cheeni makes shocking revelations. Watch Video


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
This actually is more difficult to defend for Shahbaz Sharif, since he has always claimed that his family has no assets or businesses overseas....and the same is claimed by his the big question they have to answer is, where were the millions in remittances coming from

Citizen X

Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Tomorrow both showbaz and kukri will be chairing the meetings in NA & PA, this is criminal.
Unfortunate legal loop holes in the system, but lakh di laanat on Asad Qaiser and Pervaiz Elahi for providing production orders for these Haramis. Although Showbaz hai Lohar Court bail now.

Captain Safdar

Minister (2k+ posts)
He is a big fraadia himself as well... his shop used to be near my school... he wasn't as much rich as he has become after joing Shareef family's haramzadgi...
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