Shah Mehmood Qureshi Announces names for Governor of Punjab and Speaker NA

Bilal Raza

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Yes, but PTI has # to regain, the problem is why he wants governorship???

There are other areas he can do brilliantly
I don't think he wants governership.He said he wants something challenging and there is no challenge in being governor. But, If you look at it other way then cm is said to be young so experienced governor will help him.Aka, His influence over Punjab would be great.


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Elected members shouldn’t think about what they want to do, instead they should take up the challenge of what’s given to them. The main goal is the success of Pakistan.
Ch Sarwar to Governor punjab is not good decision he must be used as Foreign Ministry to good make good relations with other countries. Governor is dummy not can perform his skills.
Ejaz Chaudhry should have been made Governor. While Chaudhry Sarwar should either be a Foreign Minister or Minister Overseas Pakistanis.