Prince William and Kate Middleton saying Good bye to Pakistan


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اے اللہ تیرا شکر ہے کہ یہ جوڑا سلامتی سے واپس گیا ۔
ہر وقت دھڑکا لگا رہا کہ کوئی ناخوش گوار واقع پیش نہ آ جائے ہمارے وطن کی بدنامی نہ ہو جائے ۔
الحمدللّٰہ ۔


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People of Pakistan respect the Royal couple and Royal family. Both are very humble, kind and lots of smiles give to Pakistani nation. Hopefully Great Britain (UK) and Pakistan both countries looking forward for great friendly relationship as well people level and govt level in the future.


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Ye laantion ki hakumat hai. When The french President visited its former colony Algeria in 1997 ....the Algerians gave them a cold reception because of what the french did to them during 150 years of colonial rule. Here these laanti inferiority complexed PTI govenrment rolls out the red carpet for these royals. Day before yesterday these PTI basterds blocked the kashmir highway in islamabad and made us wait for hours for teir Maibaap....these royals are YOUR maibaap....not OUR maibaap
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