Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan visits mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini


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Well done. Respect for people who changed Iran from totalitarian to egalitarian society.

IK continues to increase his credibility as a leader while patwarri waste their time in assembly

There is only 1

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ویسے عمران خان کا سیاست کے آغاز میں بیان کہ میرے ووٹر ابھی ماؤں کی گود میں ہیں ، امام خمینی کی کاپی تھی


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Imran khan is a statesmen and a great leader zardari and nawaz sharif were businessmen whose aim was to make money. After they made tons of money they realised it is not safe in pakistan. So they laundered and send it abroad. These mafia families has sucked the blood of the people of pakistan and they do not realise there is a lord who will take revenge on them. These mafia family did not lesson from history shah of iran gaddafi marcos and other corrupt leaders who wealth of no use
History has been harsh with corrupt rulers
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