Pakistan slapped with $6 billion penalty in Reko Diq case


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Murdari and Balochistan government messed this up.They signed contracts with foreign mining companies and then refused to honor the contract.The total worth of this mine is around $500 bn.The incompetent governments of the time should have employed world class lawyers to write the contracts.


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بس تو پھر پکڑو ذمہ داروں کو
اصل میں ذمہ داروں کو پکڑنے کی روایت ہمارے
ہاں ہے نہیں. اگر آپ کہتے ہو تو رحمان ملک
کو پکڑ لیتے ہیں؟ اب اس میں کیا


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Pakistan should go for retrial as I am 100% sure this was was lost on purpose to damage Pakistan. It is better to settle the case outside the court.


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اصل میں ذمہ داروں کو پکڑنے کی روایت ہمارے
ہاں ہے نہیں. اگر آپ کہتے ہو تو رحمان ملک
کو پکڑ لیتے ہیں؟ اب اس میں کیا
صابو بھائی پکڑنے کی ریت تو شائد پڑ ہی جائے مگر لگتا ہے کہ سزا دینے کی ریت پڑنے میں یہ ہی کوئی ہزار سال لگیں گے


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Pakistan jis janib jaa raha hai umeed hai k ye itna bojh nhe baney ga hum ye bhi adda ker denge, Pakistan ko qayam rehne hai hamesha Insha Allah , ab in 6 arb k zemadaron ko humay wo ibratnak sazayen dena chaiye k agli naslon ko pata ho k kaise hum ne Baaba e qoam k Pakistan ko dobara tha banaya!!!!


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ڈاکٹر ثمر مبارک مند دو نمبر ہے.
کیس کی اپیل کرنی چاہیے.

اگر پاکستان کی سپریم کورٹ ماہدے کو بد نیتی پر مبنی قرار دے دے تو فیصلہ پاکستان کے حق میں ہو سکتا ہے.



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Pakistan is a land where traitors flourish this is why this is happening.
People like Ifthikar Chaudary, Nawaz, Zardari, Gen Kayani shot be shot
dead and fed to the dogs. If you confiscate these 4 crooks money and
property it will get rid of half of Pakistan's debt.


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The list of traitors is long and Pakistan needs someone like Kim Jong Un
to shoot them with anti aircraft bullets and feed them to the dogs.


MPA (400+ posts)
Iftekhar chaudhry cancelled this agreement. He is main culprit
Now it become clear, he is the biggest na-ahal judge of Pakistan judiciary.
I am not saying now, you can find my previous post here and from 2008 to 2011
My point about judiciary also can seen in my previous posts.
All the judges in Pakistan are appointed on chambers or current chief justice reference, mean nepotism basis.
why not appointment of judges on merit by CSS exam for law graduates.

Because, then real talented and honest common man of Pakistan reach to the top posts that not acceptable by elite class.
support cause to appoint the judges on merit not by nepotism
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