OVERSEAS Pakistanis happy over arrangements at airports & hotels in Pak


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This is a misleading and erroneous tweet. The place has already been declared for quarantine center since more than a week. They aren't allowed to leave the place and were to be tested (don't know what is present status of testing).
Also they all are not from tablighi jamaat . Many are common travelers, who mixed up with them or were stuck at the place and then were asked not to لeave. Of course, Zahid (and our dear friend qalander) are doing so to spread hatred against religion and for disinformation.
Zahid Gichkori ( and our friend qalander ) have ever been engaged in disinformation and lies, but they are very active during this Waba

سندھ گورنمنٹ اور پی پی پی وبا فروش ہیں
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