Our war against terrorism has not ended yet - Fawad Ch on Makran Highway bus attack


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Bbai ji AP logon kai liyay Start hoi hai. Pull up your socks and kill the bastards


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Simply continuation of corrupt LEA .
Zanani Bharkoo Khattak Rizwan
Same breeds are coming
Can’t expect any improvement.
All above were duffers and current ones not different?
Almost every country improved security to greatest extent except Pakistan n Afghanistan.


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When Musharraf said get rid of menace
Fauji was n non Fauji all united against him.
Now time to cut fruits yeah tu Hamerain hain
Musharraf Ziadti Kar Raha hai

shahid rasul

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اللہ کے آسرے ہے یہ ملک اور عوام۔

بے حس حکمران صرف مذمتی بیان ہی دے سکتے ہیں۔
This war will never end unless they address the real enemy and form a policy to deal with him. Tackling the enemy's or enemies' Pawn will keep the status quo. There is so much poverty here that there are endless number of people who are ready or getting ready to sell themselves for money. You are right it seems that we are on Allah's reham o Karam.
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