Oay Generals we know politics better then you know fighting, be in your limits: Fazal ur Rehman


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Fazalu should first make a choice either to be a religious leader or a politician.
His getup is like relegious leader however he never claims being a relegious leader. His father had better idea about him.


Minister (2k+ posts)
Oi khanzeer key AULAD.. Explain politics to us you MOTHER EFFING leech of Pakistan.

You illiterate fraud mullah of PIGS Gandowah child rapist can't clean your ass due to short arms launday baz.

Politics? What is ur job? Have you ever worked in your life you blood sucking leech? Pundit Lala FAZLU?

We will burn you alive with ur illiterate DAKOOS of PTM TRAITOR KUNJURAH.



MPA (400+ posts)
tum log kabhi kashmirioun kay shana ba shana nahin thay, palestinians kay saath kaise ho gay. Inshallah hamare dost or bohat bohat saare log app ka istaqbal dandon or sootoun se karen gay. I will see you on 30 of October, and I will Inshallah be among the people who give you a nice beating with tail laga danda.


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
Moulana is trying to keep himself relevant in Pakistan and in Pakistani politics.
He knows nobody gives a damn about what he is talking about. He is irrelevant and his politics is also irrelevant. I hope that Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) will banned him from TV.
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