National Geographic Documentary on Indian attack & Pakistan Response


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This will be remember forever. Pakistan Zindaabad!

Hello Endia👌
تیرے سے بھی میرا ایک سوال ہے
تیری تخم ریزی میں کتنے اوباش مردوں کی محنت ہے؟

افریقہ کا مسیحا نا رہا

meaning? you wanted Libya and Iraq to be toppled? whose agenda are you peddling then?

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while I really enjoyed the video, this is not from national geographic.

اس دہشت گرد کتے آفریدی ممیسئے سے کہنا ہے بھونکنے کی بجائے تو ہی منی ٹریل دے دے اپنی ماں کے خصم منی لانڈر کی بجائے بھونکنے کے آفریدی ممیسیا نطفہ حرام دہشت گرد

Altered version doesnt even look like National geograpgic. Look at the Logos. The Logos are ZEZE TV not National Geographic . Definitely a misuse of National Geo monogram. I am going to report this.


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Masha-Allah...Respect and Love to our Arm forces, Air force and PM....they all made us proud...Success is from Allah/God only....stay humble....may Allah protect, help, bless and guide us all...
But this documentary is not made by National geography..
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This is a very good documentary but it is not from National Geographic.I would have been better not to use National Geographic’s logo.The video will lose credibility.Present is under your own title.The truth can not be hidden so if the content is true than people will not question the credibility of the video.
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