LED moved from MS Jinnah Hospital's office to Nawaz Sharif's room


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I am sure IK ordered for this LED so that ya aram sa bhaith ker Crown Prince and Pakistani Prince ko daikh daikh ker mazeed roye, Ku k IK said so many times that ma inhay Rulao ga or ya b aik torture ha rulanay ka

Colonel Blimp

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What a tragic fall for the dignity of not just a medical professional pleasing a national looter but also of the Health Department Punjab and PTI government who seem like they are just another wing of PML-N.

arshad wattoo

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پٹواریوں کو نئی امی مبارک ہو۔
لگتا ہے میاں صاحب اب کے ہسپتال سے ماں بن کر باہر نکلیں گے۔
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