Learn how to Import Cars From JAPAN

Muhammad FMA

New Member
Its very easy to Import cars from Japan. People buy cars from Dealers in Pakistan they charges them more than 1 lac more than they buy from japan. Biggest scam is most cars are accidented and repair in Pakistan and repaint.

I am telling to all my friends here on Siasat.pk. I am giving them the whole picture of buying cars from Japan. And if they feel not comfort to in this process then i can help them to import car from japan and very cheap rate.

Rates should be less than 1 lac than market prices confirm. This initiative is to help peoples those face trouble by dealers in the name of buying good cars.

Step 1: Make Registration on one of these website and pay 50000 Pakistan Rupees for registration one time cast for so many cars

and many more

Step 2: Start bidding on cars what ever you likes

Step 3: After winning the car pay (freight charges + buying car charges) in Japan bank through any agent available in Pakistan.
After reaching car

Step 4: Pay (custom (depending on cc)+ clearing agent include documents charges(50000)+ Transport till your home from Karachi charges(15000)) through available agents.

Important Step 5: Take a smooth and comfort drive and do not forget me in your prayers.
Aoa, how much custom pay if import Toyota 2008- 2014 model
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