Khari Baat Luqman Ke Sath - 8th February 2012 - Saleem Safi & Arif Nizami - Public Issues & Govt pre


Far last 4 years your are doing choun choun on behalf of Ghadar Mushi. Look your all program even mater is Federal, Sindh, issue you drag to Punjab Government.
Now you came in full stream in Cross fire. You give open offer to target killer and financial looter of Pakistan to kill you so your family got ransom money.
Banizir already do the same thing, (to give the name)the killers are Minister now.


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I have been noticing that PMLN and PPP are raising the question to PTI about educational institutes of Kasuris and other educationists in PTI, they ask them to provide free education to poor people of Pakistan to make a difference in pakistani politics.

I would suggest all the representatives of PTI who appear on media to reply them by questioning them about the businesses of their leadership. If this is how politics should be done then Sharif brothers should provide free sugar,chicken and steel to poor nation and Zardari should do the same from his Sugar mills if not sugar then at least a free ticket to a bambino cinema for a movie:)