Ishaq dar's corruption exposed in General Bajwa meeting with journalists


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This is linked to the meeting COAS had with anchors across the spectrum, including those who are zati mulazim as well. and it continues from the thread I posted earlier. Planned Interview of Ishaq Dar with Talat Hussain Exposed.


Here is Javed Chaudry article


Mian Nawaz Sharif went to London for treatment on November 19, 2019. There is an impression in the country even today that he went out through a deal and this deal was done by the establishment without the consent of the government. This impression was given to senior journalists on Friday night, April 23. Was deleted in front of We were told that Mian Nawaz Sharif was not sent out by the army, this decision was purely of the judiciary and the government but it is true that the Prime Minister had sought the opinion of Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and he had told him, you have two There are options. You let Mian Nawaz Sharif go for treatment and be heard badly by the people or if God willing something happens to him in jail then bear another Bhutto but the decision is up to you anyway and this decision was made by the Prime Minister, Cabinet I was in favor of deporting all the ministers except three ministers, all these were saying, let them go, save their lives, it was also told that the military leadership requested the former Chief Justice of Pakistan after his swearing in ceremony. Was The Supreme Court should find a legal way for the people detained by the security agencies, even the police are not ready to accept them and there is no civil administration in the tribal areas, we do not understand what to do, the Chief Justice replied. We also don't have any legal scope. If you bring them here, there will be a new legal crisis. You decide for yourself so that the security agencies can keep them and look at the judiciary and the government. have been. It was also reported that former finance minister Ishaq Dar had forged government statistics. The former government continued to show 5.8% growth by borrowing from banks, when Ishaq Dar was asked about Metros in a meeting. How will the government cover these debts and deficits? ”So he shook his face from left to right and said,“ Some decisions are political. ”Under the previous government, Vespa wanted to set up a scooter factory in Pakistan, but the finance ministry commissioned the company. Asked NATO envoy to Afghanistan Stefano Pontecorvo alleged that the money was demanded by the finance minister. The information was given to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif but he did not take it seriously. It was also said that Indian leaders during the talks. Requested from Pakistani officers, get rid of our klubbhushan Yadav, this is a burden for us, if you remove this burden it will be your favor but the death of klubbhushan Yadav does not suit Pakistan so he is alive and It will live MNA Mohsin Dawar was told, he was an Army Public School student and he got angry with the state because of a base, he is not fighting an ideological battle, he is fighting a battle for possession of the base, Ayaz Sadiq Had made a statement on October 29, 2020 that his legs were shaking, the military circles felt very bad about it, the army had shot down three Indian planes, if our legs were shaking we would never have done it but Pakistan did it with full courage. When we released the Indian pilot Nandan, India thanked Pakistan through a friendly country but Ayaz Sadiq broke both the morale and heart of the army by making this statement. Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa is alive. The first time there was intense anger but they drank their anger, there was talk about Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan, it was made by Mian Nawaz Sharif to break the power of Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri, TLP called a sit-in in Faizabad in November 2017 He came to Islamabad at the behest of Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah. The TLP was initially demanding the resignation of the government, but then it came to the resignation of the entire cabinet. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi told the army, "You deal with them, the police are not getting their hands on them." He told PTI that he had demoralized the police by leaving the Punjab police alone on the issue of Model Town, so it is no longer obeying the orders of the government. The Prime Minister was advised not to resign the ministers because once this tradition If it falls, then it cannot be stopped. The Establishment had to deal with this issue because the Prime Minister and the Army Chief had to visit Saudi Arabia for military exercises and this issue had to be resolved before this visit, otherwise the country would be ridiculed as with the TLP. A written agreement had to be reached. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi wanted to visit his sister in the United States. The former prime minister contacted the country's top intelligence agency to get his name removed from the ECL and the establishment allowed him to travel to the United States. However, they did not want to appeal to the government. The government voluntarily appointed and fired the three finance ministers, the establishment did not comment, 35 of the 46 judges of the Lahore High Court were recruited under Nawaz Sharif, so government members and the opposition are therefore biased towards the judiciary. Accuses These allegations should not be leveled at the judiciary, Pakistan's security agencies found out that important documents of the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign Ministry are being leaked, the security agencies investigated, it turned out to be true, the system of the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign Ministry was "hacked". We were going out of the country till the minutes of the meetings. It was also found out that our information was also going to India. The security agencies fixed this system and it has now become "fool proof". Talking about the economic and social situation of the country, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang asked Prime Minister Imran Khan, "How long will we continue to buy your substandard sugar? Why don't you make anything but sugar?" We have to admit that we are far behind in production, Vietnam and Bangladesh are ahead of us, we have to focus on industry and production, we have made mistakes in the past, General Zia-ul-Haq also made mistakes and General Pervez Musharraf also made mistakes and our political leadership also kept making mistakes but if we keep crying over these mistakes we will not be able to move forward. We have to move forward. It was also said that in the past the Establishment had a tough stance on Afghanistan and Kashmir. The people, politicians and the media all objected to the Establishment but today the Establishment itself wants to rectify these issues. Let's move on from wars and conflicts but our intentions are still in doubt. This attitude is not right. There are still people in Pakistan who saw the era of General Ayub Khan with their own eyes. "At that time, there was a penalty for not having a bicycle light and there was no idea of crossing the road except for the zebra cross. We want to take the country back to this place, there should be rule of law and society is flourishing," he said. Gaya Nawaz Sharif is not an enemy of the country, he is a patriot and he used to respect the current army chief a lot, the army also respects him but as far as his cases are concerned, it is up to the courts to decide, Imran Khan said. Worldview "is great, it tackles the world's great rulers very well. When he went to meet Donald Trump, the entire US cabinet was sitting in front of him. When Imran Khan started talking, it seemed for a while that he is the President of the US, the entire US cabinet is his cabinet and Donald Trump is the guest Prime Minister. Yes, we also need to understand the changes in the Middle East, the young people have come to power in the Arab countries, they are different from their elders, they see the world in terms of commercial advantages and disadvantages, so we have been talking to each other for a long time now. Brothers will not be able to say. We have to increase our economic position, we buy ارب 4 billion worth of petrol every year and India 40 40 billion, think for yourself with whom the Arab countries have an advantage in trade so we have to believe, if we are an economic power then the world We will be respected otherwise no country in the world will support us and we were also told that the military leadership respects General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani very much. General Kayani could not have done as much as ten army chiefs together. The country was going, General Kayani saved him and it was also told that Pakistan can no longer walk on the old path, we have to forget the past and move forward and for that we all have to work together, this country belongs to all. And it is everyone's responsibility.



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It is nice to hear that our COAS is concerned about the Politician's corruption and in private meeting with Journalist, he is spilling the beans about them . I also like to know if our pretty general had anything to say about General Asim Bajwa and his more than 100 Pizza stores in USA and alleged properties in UAE and other foreign countries ?


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Why is an army chief meeting the reporters; it is not in his jurisdiction. The ministry of defense should interact with them.


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Lakin is sab ke bawajud NRO aur Deals abi tk chal rahi hn.. kiya watan ki khidmat ho rahi ha...

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So either khan or bajwa gave nro. Choose your player
Neither Khan nor Bajwa. It was Lohar Court and ganjus embedded loyalists. Is the quest of Lohar Court to provide sharifs with justice at any cost hidden from anyone? Is it also hidden how ganju has planted his darbaris in every govt institution over the decades?

And TBH, it is a blessing in disguise. If Ganju was still here, somehow some lohar court would vacate his sentence and give him a clean chit.
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