Is General Qamar Bajwa a Traitor ?


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یہ نیو جوکر اور گدھے کا بچہ فلاسفر بن کر آیا ہے
Bajwaa will be remembered as Mir Jaffar of Pakistan. Coward Generals always surrender in front of America and powerful countries.

Bajwa and company responsible for the destruction of Pakistan

General Bajwa meri nazar mai ghulam hai.

This Video is full of crap. infact iltaf all posts are nothing but full of shit.

yai kon new philosopher aa gya ha... Khan came into power with public support and it was bajwa how slow down RTS and stole PTI seats.

در لعنت

bilkul theek Bajwa ko extension be PTI key government main milli ehsaan kia Bajwa pay aur us nay dus maar lea


exactly because they did not want him in power and engineered the results

Imran is the Greatest Pakistani that ever lived. Once in a 1000 yr personality and the entire nation is with him. Army gaye Kashmir Azad kerwaye. Even if all of these Bastard Generals retire, we can still hire news ones. Imran however is irreplaceable!


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Your video seems and another attempt to create rift between army and PTI/Imran Khan....IK is not mischievous ,as u people are...he certainly has some concerns about role of establish in this, foreign coup in our country...but the allegation u are trying to place at Khan that he planned or suggested any such thing, is completely wrong....i also trust that even social media cell of PTI has not done , and if so, the must be dealt accordingly...its totally unacceptable....Now come the Part is Bajwa Traitor??? my answer is?...he certainly is not traitor...he did commendable job as far as military strategy and strength is concerned (i m no experts-but as it seems so), however, his role in this illegal oust of Khan is suspicious...a foreign coup is planned and executed in our country with the help f most corrupt and filthy lot of our political society, and army did nothing (the doctrine was we are neutral, I mean seriously!)...state and its leader was under attack by a foreign force thru its internal criminal touts and the State/Army said that they are neutral, not digestible....the conduct of judiciary?...if if some one ordering them for doing some thing...unprecedented...they were not entertaining any thing from Govt/IK and were ready to accept trash from the criminal, corrupt dynastic opposition alliance? raises serious questions over the conduct of Judiciary and security forces....they wanted the foreign backed mafia in power, in any case...Pm authority was overridden by some ones call to General Aamir, who was nominated as chair the commission to probe the traitors?...who, why?...what authority?....some was seriously wrong....that give impression that Bajwa and DG ISI collaborated with conspirers to out PM the question arise ...why?...what those powers wanted?...what is compromised to them while fulfilling their demand for removal of IK as PM?....why they did it?...was thre any personal benefit, if so, his institute must take him into account...if he was threatened ....and he did all this in fer to protect his nation...he must talk to the stake holder, its people, if not, to khan...we surely will come out for any solution....Pak fouj hamara gharoor thi...oer humarey ghroor ne ghutney takey hain, saamraj k samney?....eit baar toota hai!...yaqeen hi naheen ho rha...humari fouj, humarey mendate ki hifazat ki zamin hai...woh yeh kaisay ker sakti hai humarey saath....Poori dunya ke ssamney forein Coup huwa Pakistan main...tamash ban gaya humara???....why ...who is answerable....People are in shock and pain...they need answers but here is just darkness...deep darkness...Ik was the shield for brook this shield with its own hands...PMl_N, PPP and JUIf are the enemies of our army and our strategic knows that , better than us....then why...what happened...I just want share my sentiments to my COAS....I m not afraid of any thing from any one....u dont have to feel threatened for me....what will any one could do?...will bomb us...sanction us? or what ever, we will overcome this...We re stripped of our sovereignty... i wish i could have dead b4 watching this humiliation....


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yai kon new philosopher aa gya ha... Khan came into power with public support and it was bajwa who slow down RTS and stole PTI seats.
Exactly, khan did not need help of people like Bajwa traitor, rather Bajwa helped and rigged Sialkot main main to win the election.
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