Indian media spewing venom against British Govt, Prince William and Kate visit to Pakistan


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india establishment can never be happy with neighbors as long as RSS and Hindu terrorist are ruling India

india protrays it self the most peaceful nation while everyday their establishment and RSS terrorist are full of hatred and war mongers against Pakistan and Nepal and every neighbors


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nowadys, nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing fascists Hindus CHADDIs on FIRE ?
Oye CHADDIs, when your current PM was selling fantastic tea, our current PM was building Hospitals and University, also our PM was rubbing shoulders with royalty .
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So much of jealousy? We are one-sixth of there size & population but we should be proud that Indians always think Pakistan at par with them & in some cases much ahead of them.
Had we never been ruled by PPP & PMLN thugs, the way Pakistan was developing in all sectors in the 60s at Ayub Khan's time( pak was the 2nd. fastest economy in Asia after only Japan) India was way behind us.
They never compare themselves with China who has almost the same population & size & got independent after one year of India. Because they are kaput in front of China.

Indian govt & media is mad because Modi openly declared more than once to isolate Pakistan & just two days back their minister said FATF will put Pakistan in blacklist which is not the case on contrary Pakistan trying to facilitate in between Iran & Saudi, it has successfully neutralize, at the dismay of India, Trump's narrative about Pakistan.
Blacklisting in FATF is out of the question.

Frustrated India, pity on you......


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This channel is owned by Ambani who wants to create communal disharmony in order to hide his mega corruption in collusion with Modi,
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