In my opinion PTI government should quit, says Asif Ali Zardari


MPA (400+ posts)
I think zardari has became a pagal khota
How many seats does his party have in pakistan they are only i. Interior sindh
He is acting like a jahil wadera
You have stolen from the people of pakistan their wealth and future
May your illegal wealth be destroyed by allah


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Opinion, i thought you said you can topple the government within moments
In my opinion you faryal talpur bilawal must be hanged till death and looted money should be accounted back in country's fund, but tere jaise kuttay ke naseeb main itni aasan maut nahi likhi hoti

Moula Jutt

Senator (1k+ posts)
تاکہ تیرے جیسے حرامی مل کر دوبارہ اس ملک کو نوچیں۔
ھزاروں خواہشیں ایسی جن پر دم نکلے
اب تو تمھارا۔ تمھماری۔اولاد۔ اور تیرے بھائی نواز لوھار ٹبر سمیت بس جیل ٹھکانہ ھے۔


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Yaar theek hi to keh raha hai. PTI should resign so that NS and AZ should collect the remaining money and launder it abroad and spend the rest of the lives there.

Theek hi to keh raha hai. Kuchh bacha hi nahin in donon k paas.!
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