Imran Khan wanted to have sex with Cynthia Ritchie: Ali Saleem reveals


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Yeh woh baighairat haiwaan hai jiss nay sharab kay nashay main apni maa ko maar maar ker bura haal ker dia tha...

Iss ka yeh kehna keh yeh makhdoom shahab ud din say milta tha... iss baat ki gawahi deta hai keh makhdoom kitna ghatiya insan ho ga


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this is their defense of RAPE allegation against their party members?
wanted to have sex (supposedly as claimed by this guy) vs raped and sexually harassed...
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TIMES NOW NEWS.Com, July 27, 2018.
Notably, the british writer Christopher Sandford wrote in 2009, the popular cricketer, heart-throb of million, Imran Khan also had a ‘close’, possibly ‘sexual’ relationship with Benazir Bhutto, who would go on to become the prime minister of Pakistan.

Apparently, the two are said to have had an affair when a 21-year-old Bhutto was reading in the second year of politics at Lady Margaret Hall in the year 1975.

As per a Telegraph report, Benazir Bhutto had been "visibly highly impressed & attracted" by Khan and may have even been the first person to give him the moniker "Lion of Lahore" in any event, it seems fairly clear that, for at least a month or two, the couple was very close.

There was a lot of giggling and blushing whenever they appeared together in public,” the Daily Mail had reported.

A report also claimed that the two eventually broke up as Khan’s mother did not approve of the relationship and refused to give her blessings for the relationship. As Khan was close to his mother, he decided not to pursue the relationship, the report claimed.
Maan gaye did not spare even...BB. 😉


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ye thread post karne wale per Allah ki laur sab laanat karne walon ki laanat...
*******Wahid hal islami inqelab, jiddojohad karo, sabr karo, firqabazai haram hai muslim bano...

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Only a Khursa can come to the defense of a another Khusra and his party. And what a defense, nothing but whataboutery. Haram Malik raped Cynthia, oh look Imran Khan wanted to have sex with her too.

Lets say on the face of it, it is even true. So wanting to have sex with some one is same if not worse than raping someone. Wah meray munna wah, kya logic hai.
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