Imran Khan has ordered to investigate against his close associate and his wife: Ch Ghulam Hussain claims


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فیصل وادا
Faisal wada is a billionaire. He would not do that.
I was thinking of Zulfi bukhari but he told in an interview recently that he doesn't even claim air tickets because of fear.
So somebody else. Naeem ul haq has no wife and he is famous for his lappars and not corruption.


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Bro! Don't mind his paindu style. This dude is legit! He met Khan today and meets him 1-on-1 every couple of weeks! Unlike Dr. Dabardoos / Mubashar Luqman etc. who might sound more eloquent and legit but are actually just story makers and conspiracy theorists!

whenever IMran khan goes to toilet, he sends a text message to Ghulam hussain to make it a breaking news.

Citizen X

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whenever IMran khan goes to toilet, he sends a text message to Ghulam hussain to make it a breaking news.
LOL but he has proved right on a couple of very legit occasions that I can remember, one about railway records will be burnt and Khuwaja Saad Rafique is in big trouble and might get arrested and the recent one that after Eid big names are going to start getting arrested and night before kukdri got arrested he also said tomorrow kukdri is getting arrested.

So I guess unlike dabardoos he is not always firing in the dark blind folded and hoping to hit something.


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May ALLAH bless and protect Pakistan and it's new PM Imran Khan.
Imran Khan a leader after very long time whom we can proudly look towards for instruction and follow his footsteps without any doubts.
He is a great Muslim, man of his words and is doing every thing keeping in mind that he will have to answer in front of ALLAH, no favors every one is equal in Islam so is in Pakistan IN SHA ALLAH very very soon.

Dr Adam

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میرا وائلڈ گیس ہے کہ یہ افتخار درانی اور اُسکی بیگم ہو سکتے ہیں

جس نہج اور سطح کی چپقلش نعیم اور درانی کے درمیان ہے مجھے شک

پڑتا ہے کہ اسکے پیچھے بھی نعیم الحق اور اعظم خان نہ ہوں ؟؟

گرچہ میں درانی کو زیادہ نہیں جانتا لیکن عمران اُسکی بات بھی بہت

.سُنتا ہے اور نعیم کو اِس چیز کی ہمیشہ سے ہی تکلیف رہی ہے

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I think it is actually Buzdar.
When he was talking the producer played the video of Buzdar. I think it was a hint.


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Reham Khan Purchased huge Jewelry from Peshawar after marriage Jewelry Shop?
Who did the payment still mystery?
Pinky Peerni and her family 50% in PTI 50% Noora Chorr huge potential for these kinfd of activities.
Shadow Aleema Khan well documented will follow Khan, Kash he could allow FIA to grab her ,it would make him real Hero?
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