ICJ: Vienna Convention does not apply to a spy - Pakistan's Adhoc Judge Tassaduq Jillani's dissenting note


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Damn right it doesn't. They aren't POWs, but Infiltrators and forego any rights, connections, support. Now bharat owning him doesn't change that.


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Vienna Convention applies to Prisoners of war, and the last war between India and Pakistan was in 1971. Mr.Kubhushan is a naval officer who was caught in Pakistan facilitating terrorists and promoting terrorism in Pakistan, unfortunately he doesn't qualify for that immunity of not getting death sentence. I am not very happy for his death sentence but I do want to see proper action against a person who has facilitated people to kill many and he don't deserve any leniency.


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اندازہ لائیں، کہ امرتسری بھڑووں کے لگائے گئے پودے کتنے زھریلے ہیں

سادہ الفاظ میں، یہ سمجھ لیں
کہ بھارتی سرکار کے کارندوں نے اِس ملک پر 35 سال حکمرانی کی ہے
اِسی لئے تو اِس ملک کے وسائل کو بیرونی لشکروں کی طرح لُوٹا گیا
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