I will now become the Ambassador of Kashmir to the world - PM Imran Khan Speech in AJ&K assembly


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Man, this speech was something I really did not hope to listen to. It was too strong, but every word was true and expressed in eloquent way. No one else in PK leadership has guts to come off so strong and so articulate on this issue. I really wish and hope for right sense to prevail in Indian Thick Heads.


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سلامتی کونسل نے کچھ کیا ہوتا، کچھ کرنا ہوتا تو نوبت یہاں تک نا پہنچتی



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PMIK a real Pakistani Muslim who make sense when speak. PM explain the terrorist mind of RSS.
PM explain briefly how Quaid e Azam understood the Hindutwa mind set and wake up the muslims of India on two nations theory.
Alhamdulillah Allah gave us independence thru the leadership of Quaid e azam Mohd Ali Jinnah.
I’ve not seen or hear any Pakistani leader talk like that after Quaid e Azam.
Thank you PMIK. Happy Independence Day
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Zaidi Qasim

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Yeah, Now bongi khan wants to become a Ambassador of Kashmir, after becoming a PM of Pakistan . As if Modi is going to get scared ..... This guy is losing it.


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well done khan sb will all Pakistani expect nawaz type illiterate guy can speak like that with out purchi

Wake up Pak

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You may never hear a better speech than this on Kashmir and the Quaid's foresight.

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