Fawad Chaudhry & Nadeem Afzal Chan deny cabinet reshuffling


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as i said on another post.. kick ass of this ass hole media...
Seriously, I am more angry of PTI for not taking any action against fake news. It is ok if there are some misinterpretations in the media. But our media houses are literally making up news every single day. They should be held accountable. They are crying anyway, why not grab the bull by its horn.


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I think Parvez Rasheed was much better information minister
During PML-N, only 1 source was there for disinformation and that was GEO / PML-N
Now almost 20 channels are giving wrong info...what will outlook be for govt and nation?
And this information minister has totally failed to have even 1 percent control on media news
i think this is maybe 100th time in 8 months that govt has to clarify the disinformation yet no action against those spreading all this news
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