Faez Isa could be Arrested and Jailed: ex AG Anwar Mansoor


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ایسے نطفہ حرام لعنتی اور کرپٹ جج نما دلوں کو تو ضرور سزا ہونی چاہیے جو خنزیر کے بچے اپنے آ پ کو قانون سے بالاتر سمجھتے ہیں


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That's exactly what faiz wants so he can become another ifthikhar dajjal and laaayers movement 2.0 can begin.


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In the first place this type of criminal minded person shouldn’t be a judge of SC , but this is Pakistan polluted system which let him into judiciary by Iftikhar ch on fake documents and not having a required exp ,so how would you expect a honest decision if he himself not come through fair procedure.
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