Dharna Khatam kr lo wrna tun k rakh dain gy | Pervaiz Khattak aggressive speech in National Assembly


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didnt hear the use of the phrase, 'tun kay rakh dein gey', but if he didnt, he should have.


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Whether he said it or not.... I'm saying... TUN rakho in Raw/Modi/Moore lohaaar ke agents ko...!

Let it be Lal Masjid 2...


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no no NO. Let malaun do its worst. The state is clearly ready for it. so malaun make sure you lead the vanguard. that means you are in the front and your poojari behind you. not hide in a mansion and while your cannon fodder is out and about.


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Ooper ek Chandaa(Charagh talay andhera) naami churhail apni hr dusri post Bastard Bastard ka wird krti nazar aarahi hai isse maloom parhta hai k theek thaak frustrated hochuki hai. Ab women hone k faida uthaate howe sympathy legi.

Iqbal Alvi

ہمارے سیاستدان اس گلی محلے والی زبان کے ساتھ حکومت چلائیں گے۔ ماشاءاللہ
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