Details of Fazl ur Rehman's corruption


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جو لوگ بھی میرے 'هذا من فضل ربی' کو کرپشن کہ رہے ہیں
انہیں شرم آنی چاہئیے .میں نے چھوٹے چھوٹے بچوں کی ناک صاف
کر کر کے انہیں دینی تعلیم دی آور اسلام کے راستے پر چلایا ...اور
پائی پائی جمع کرکے کچھ بنا لیا تو اب یہودی لابی میرے پیچھے پڑ
گی ہے.


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All those my friends that know me on this they know that I have very strong sympathies for my Pak Army as well as I am PTI member for 11 years .
If I see all this scenario then I can say here some mistake our Establishment as well .
why u feed a snake and this snake become “ Anaconda ” now . Why did you give this Molvi free hand for several years and now he ready to bite anyone . I think here is less or more mistake of establishment as well . “ جو بویا وہ کاٹو گے”
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Iss haram.... ko kutoon ke agay dalo . Ye hay Maulana gaddar aur shaitaan . I am surprise kisi nay iss badmash gunday ki taqat ko nahi dekha aur nahi socha ke ye soar aik din pakistan ki salmiyet ko challenge bhi ker sakta hay ?? Mark my words some powerful countries behind him such as Saudi Areb UAE Bahrain , India as well as USA and might be possible Israel agencies as well .
ager iss soar ko ab bhi goli na mari gai tuo ye pakistan ke liay bohet barra hatra sabit hoga . Issay aur iski jamat ke 50 Soar sub ko mar dalo .
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is ko bhi Chero. He is asking for it. Corrupt moulana will hide behind 30 lakhs talaba which proves that he has no answer for his huge wealth accumulation and because he can't face the court. He is using islam and prophet's name for his political gain. He should not be called moulana' , diesel is more fitting for him. People like him defame Islam.


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There were compounding issues , institutions , hierarchy were systematically used due to lack of transparency and merit for corruption and weak laws
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