Deen of islam vs mazhab and secularism


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Another point for people to understand clearly is, islam is a deen, not a mazhab. Why? Because the quran calls the way of life advised for mankind by God to live by DEEN AL ISLAAM. Why the quranic way of life is called deen of islam? Because it is the only way of life that if understood properly and followed faithfully by humanity, it will lead humanity to utmost unity therefore real peace for best possible progress and utmost prosperity in here as well as in hereafter. In other words humanity can have a blissful, dignified and secure existence in here as well as hereafter if it understands the quran properly and lives by it faithfully. The quran rejects idea of any personal God, it is because if there is a God then that God is God of each and every person or thing.

The question is what is deen and what is mazhab? Deen is a way of life revealed by God for mankind to live by in order to have a great life in this world as well as in hereafter. Mazhab is what human being have learned so far all by themselves regarding God and his creation. It is not based upon revelations of God but ideas of people themselves due to their own life experiences and interactions within their social environments. In other words it should be very clear for everyone that it was mazhab that came about long before God revealed deen of islam for humanity to live by. In other words mazhab was already there long before human beings were sent message by God for their guidance. The reason is, God evolved human beings from already existing life forms or tree of life. First there was only the earth ie lifeless or non-living matter. Then there came about life form in a most simple form which evolved into many most complex living things and from those living things evolved humanity. Originally human beings learned thing from other existing things but as they got better and better brains they got better and better in their thinking and doing things. It is because God created things from very, very simple things to very, very complex things and he programmed them accordingly so that they could serve his purpose of creating them.

Why God started revealing his messages to people much later in their lives rather than as the very first thing? It is because God had to wait till some people at least had learned enough sense to understand message of God at least to a degree that was needed for them to bring about a kingdom based properly upon guidance of God. It is a case similar to birth of a new baby. A baby has to grow to a stage before he could be able to understand others clearly. So people who claim aadam was first human being are totally wrong. No such statement exists in the quran. Word aadam is used in the quran for origin and development of humanity as a species or it is used about aadam the very first messenger of God to his people. People who deny evolution theory are ignorant to put it simply. Evolution theory does nothing but explains how God brought about things from things and that is what the quran says in its verses. God brought to life living things from non-living things and he changed living things back to non-living things ie non-living matter by way of employing various processes. God brought about all living things from the non-living earth. So even if man comes from monkeys there is nothing wrong with it. Human dignity is not in what man is created from but how well he understands and follows guidance of God in order to fulfil purpose of God for creating him. God has created his creation the way we observe and understand it and not any other way. One has to understand clearly that there are only two acts of God whereby he expressed himself and they are his creation and his revelation. Another point to note is that if God could create his creation then he could also reveal his messages to mankind for their guidance by employing a particular process or mechanism. The idea that God could not interact with his creatures is nothing but nonsense. Equally absurd is the idea that since God can interact with his creatures, he can do whatever he likes and since he can do whatever he likes therefore he has done all kinds of things which people attribute to him. This is nonsense because God had a purpose in his mind for creating things so he is bound by his purpose and planning not to deviate from it therefore he cannot act against his own decision ever. This is why all senseless attributions to God by religious people are nothing but absurdities and people accept them due to lack of proper knowledge or understanding of things.

God has programmed all things and human beings are programmed least as compared to other living things this is why they need external guidance whereas other things simply perform their functions as assigned for them by God because that is the way they are programmed to do things. Human beings are created to program themselves to a much greater degree than rest of living things. People can judge things but they need a criterion to do so as well as information about the case. Both of these need to be learned by human beings. There is no way human beings could know what is really true or false or what is really right or wrong, if they could they could not differ with each other regarding these. For example, if we look at people, we can see they believe and do different things. What one group believes to be true, another group believes it to be false. What one groups believes is right, another group believes it to be wrong. If people could judge truth and falsehood or right and wrong without the need for an external criterion then this situation between people could never arise. It is a clear proof that people need guidance from God as the criterion for judging what is true or false or what is right or wrong. This is why ignoring revelation of God has utmost serious consequences for humanity as a whole. It is only through creation and revelation of God humanity can come to know if morality is absolute or not or both. Why? Because God knows all in all and people do not know a thing when they are born. This is why morality is absolute from point of view of God because he knows everything fully already but relative from point of view of humanity because people need to learn things and arrive at that stage before they too could see things as they are or as they should be in relation to morality. This is why what God says is true is actually true but it will take us human beings a very long time and a very hard struggle to find out what God has said is true, because we will have to gain the needed information about the issue and then after making proper sense of that information we will come to the very same truth.

Many such points made in the quran force one to accept the claims the quran makes that it is truly revealed word of God. This is why God has created humanity in its simplest form both biologically as well as psychologically. Because once God expressed himself through creation and revelation then he could be truly appreciated by his human creatures if they so chose by learning and doings all they needed to learn and do all by themselves. This is why human beings are top most creatures of God or worst of all the creation. It is because man can climb up the ladder of dignity and honour by thinking and doing what is inline with guidance of God and humanity or go down and be lowest of the low by thinking and doing what goes against God and humanity. This is why humanity is working towards the end God has set for it right from the very beginning. A time will come when humanity will become wise enough to self organise and self regulate itself according to guidance of God and bring about a world like paradise for itself in this very universe. This is why deen of islam has fives main pillars 1)TOHEED 2)SALAAH 3)SOWM, 4)ZAKAAH and 5) HAJJ. What is connection between these pillars? In simple words these pillar tell people to be a perfect human brotherhood or a single human family under one true God.

The pillar called TOHEED is about belief in one true God by way of his revealed word for this era the quran which is revealed via his final messenger muhammad. This is why none can claim to own or rule even a simplest possible subatomic particle let alone a human being. This is why no muslim can be a ruler or master of another muslim or for that matter a nonmuslim because muslims are supposed to be members of the very same brotherhood of humanity or human family. People who claim to be muslims are supposed to cooperate and fully support each other for ensuring well being of each other and thereby of the whole proper human community in the kingdom of God. One can therefore clearly see that people who claim to be muslims how close they are to actual teaching of the quran. This pillar is not at all about POOJA of God. God does not ask people for POOJA ie ritualistic worship of God. God does not need anyone to pay him any lip service because it does not fulfil his purpose of creating human beings. This is why to translate or interpret this pillar as none is worthy of ritualistic worship other than Allah is totally wrong interpretation of this pillar. I will explain latter on why God cannot be worshiped or why it is wrong to do so when I discuss religion and its absurdities.

The pillar called SALAAH is about bringing about a proper human community in the kingdom of God according to guidance of God. This pillar is about connecting or linking or joining or sticking people together as a family or a brotherhood of humanity for God sake. In other words it is about establishing a network of humanity under God or for sake of God. It has nothing at all to do with what name sake muslims claim to be daily prayers. I will later on explain why God could never ask people for daily prayers. One will come to realise how absurd this idea of five daily prayers is.

The pillar called SOWM is about people not thinking and doing anything which may fracture or break up the proper human community that is established in the kingdom of God or may not even let a proper human community come about to begin with. This has nothing at all to do with people fasting or staying hungry and thirsty from dawn to sunset for thirty days during month of ramadan. In fact there was no such thing as called islamic months during life time of the messenger of God. What we call muslim calendar was started by second caliph of islam after the death of the messenger of God. Again I will try and explain why fasting is not part of deen of islam as practiced by namesake muslims.

The pillar called ZAKAAH is about thinking and doing all one can to strengthen the proper human community so that it develops or grows or progresses and prospers and so that others also come and join this community for ensuring their own well being by being part of this brotherhood under one true God. It has nothing at all to do with rich giving alms for the poor at the rate of 2.5% on their savings each year. Buying and selling things is not allowed in deen of islam because no one owns anything at all other than God so how can anyone sell anything which none has the right to own to begin with? It is a mechanism of exploitation and manipulation and making fool of each other for personal gains at the expense of each other. There is no such things as rich and poor muslims. Ummah means one people under one true God. Can such people ever become an ummah or a proper human community under one true God who exploit and manipulate and use each other abusively for their petty personal gains at each other's expense? Again I will go into great detail about all these things later on. So ZAKAAH too cannot be what namesake muslims claim it to be. This is a ploy by powerful and rich people who say they are muslims but actually they are not. All this is going to be explained in detail.

The pillar called HAJJ is about undertaking a sacred journey towards a sacred or God appointed destiny or end goal. The end goal according to the quran is bringing about a kingdom wherein people live by rule of law of God and once such a kingdom is brought about to maintain it or to keep it going, the best people can do all this according to their God given abilities for sake of God and ensuring well being of humanity. Did name sake muslims do any of these things which have power to change things in this world for mankind for the best? No, they can't even think at this level or let others think at this level let alone they think and do things at this level instead most of them are worse than animals because they do not use their God given brains to think and do things which God tells them to think and do. Instead they get busy waving their back sides in the air and rubbing their noses on the ground. Calling their such acts worship of God. The quran provides an architectural map for building a proper human society. This is what word UMRAH is used for. The quranic text has nothing at all to do with visiting kaba in makkah as the main pillar of deen of islam. if anything even ancient sights are important to visit according to the quran, not because they are holy sights but so that people could learn from good or bad beliefs and practices of people who lived in there to see what was gained or lost by them living according to God advised way of life or by living against it.

Regardless these explanations clearly show that deen of islam teaches humanity to be one for all and all for one. Look at wording of muslim AZAAN which namesake muslims call, a call to prayer for muslims. It is not a call to prayer for muslims but a call to deen of islam for humanity as a whole by muslims. People are told come and be part of a proper human community so that you could be successful in having a great life in here as well as in hereafter. This explanation should leave none in doubt that deen of islam has nothing at all to do with mazhab or religion or namesake muslims. It is all about real life and its realities. This is why deen of islam is about a proper human society, its proper politics, its proper culture and its proper economics etc etc. It has nothing at all to do with mullahs' nonsense they call islam or religion of islam. One simple question is enough to dismantles islam of mullahs and namesake muslims. Mullahs also accept their islam has five pillars. What this means is that main islam is all about these fives pillars or in their mind these five things are of the utmost importance in their islam. This being the case, can any mullah or any namesake muslim tell me which of these pillars deals with real world real issues effectively if islam of mullahs is the best way of life for humanity to live by? None can ever give a worthy answer for this question anyone can try all one can. No religion can answer tough questions no matter what because all religions are human creations which have been adjusted to accommodate interests of various parties ie rulers, money lenders and mullahs. Deen of islam is a straightforward way of life and it is up to people to accept or reject it and face the consequence which cannot be escaped by anyone ever. Not only in hereafter but right in this very world.

Deen of islam is about people organising and regulating themselves according to the quran based constitution and laws for doing works of God as his employees or workers or servants and it is not about ruling humanity but serving humanity for sake of God. This is where secularism and religion both fail humanity in a very bad way. Look at how democratic system works in the world to fool the uneducated and unaware. This is why proper education of each and every person is of vital importance so that together people could bring about a proper human community and reap the benefits promised in the quran. Deen of islam is not about sitting on the prayer mat and crying to God for help. It is because whatever humanity needed for doing what they were created for by God has already been given to them including things for use and guidance. So all people need to do is learn about things and guidance of God and get on with doing things that need to be done by them so that as a result this world becomes a paradise for humanity. This is why islam is a proper way of life because it deals with real world issues properly. It is about livelihood of humanity or its sustenance. It tells people how they should fulfil their daily needs properly as individuals within the proper human community. That is where humanity is mislead by religious and secular forces because they try to take people away from real way of life therefore people instead of working for ensuring well being of each other for sake of God start attacking each other for dispossessing each other or robbing each other by force or by tricks or clever mechanisms. It is because some people want to be masters of others whereby they try to enslave each other by various means or methods or ways or mechanisms. This is why they try their best to take control of land and resources and means of production and distribution so that thereby they could control people mentally and physically. Such people use religion for the very same end as secularism.

These people try their best not to let rest of people live their lives properly by creating oppressive conditions or situations or circumstances and if any of the people try and blame them they quickly tell them it is all fault of your God because he has not given you what he has given us. The quran tells us that God created people different from each other by giving people different advantages than each other so that people complement each other by cooperating fully with each other by working in harmony. This is how the blind and the legless can escape the fire in the jungle ie the blind can carry the legless on his shoulders and the legless can guide the blind. However human beings instead of working in harmony and complementing each other try and take undue advantages of each other for their petty personal gains at each other's expense. So one can see why and how powerful and wealthy people fund mullaism so that they could keep rest of masses confused through their wrong interpretations of the God sent scriptures to mislead humanity thereby. It is because these people have no real knowledge about the God sent scriptures. Moreover these people do not build sufficient proper educational places because then educated people will become a threat for their lifestyle at the expense of rest of humanity. This shows how all wars and terrorism is created by design and it has nothing at all to do with the quranic teaching. The very people who create terrorism and wars between people for their petty personal gains complain against it the most as well as very loudly. The quranic teaching is simple, it is up to people themselves to make their lives a paradise or a hell by following the right or wrong way of life. One cannot reach the right destination by following the wrong way that leads nowhere or to somewhere else away from the intended destination. Life of paradise or hell starts in this life and continues into the life to come.

From the explanations I have provided so far it should be very clear how mullaans have made fool of namesake muslims as well as nonmuslim who do not study the quran properly by themselves and depend fully upon mullaans and follow them blindly. They have replaced the quranic words with wrong meanings eg word masjid is turned into a prayer temple which is actually a place from where administration of the kingdom of God is supposed to carry out its God given tasks as decided by the community as a whole. Masaajid are supposed to be government offices from where worker of God are supposed to carry out their God given duties to serve the ummah, the duties which are decided and given to them by ummah or the proper human community of which the worker are a part. The quran was misinterpreted to show islam is a religion like any other religion which it is not. This is why the quran needs to be interpreted properly in context of deen of islam. This is proper context of the quran in which the whole quran needs to be interpreted to put things right for humanity. We can see the quran repeatedly talks about some things because those things are very very important for humanity to know and take heed. It repeatedly warns against thinking and doing wrongs to each other. Not because God is angry but that he is wise and wants people to know where they are heading or will end up if they will continue along that path. The quran is a book for a proper education based revolution for bringing about changes in human societies for the best of mankind. We cannot change anything at all the right way by sitting in temples and praying or repeating some words or doing religious things. Religion in that sense is utterly ineffective or a waste of time which humanity cannot afford. This is why it is used by the powerful and the rich to make fool of masses. Their good or bad is decided by religious criterion instead of how it affects humanity at large. You pray to God five times daily you go to paradise or you say these words and you are forgiven all your sins etc etc. This is how they fool masses to think they are good people without really doing anything good for God or humanity. Religious chip on the shoulder has nothing at all to do with deen of islam. Deen of Islam is all about what people actually think and do for or against each other. This is how they are defined as good citizens of kingdom of God or as criminals who disobey rule of law of God and think and do harmful and destructive things to each other.

In deen of islam people and God are all bound by the very same rule of law of God. This is why even God cannot deviate from his given law or go back on his words or promises. This is why people will get what they have been promised by God as they respond to call of God. There is no concept of forgiveness of sins in deen of islam. You commit a crime against humanity you pay for it because that is what is promised by God. There is no concept of intervention by anyone for getting anyone forgiveness of one's sins. People can intervene only to stop one from committing a crime before one does it. If a crime is committed then punishment must follow be it right away or after a given respite ends. There are no exceptions in set laws of God as already explained in case of miracles and laws of nature etc. You put your hand in fire it will burn. Mullahs have given wrong meanings to word ISTAGHFAAR. In quranic context it means to seek protection of God not his forgiveness. The idea is to do things which God says people should for ensuring well being of each other and they should not do things to each other from which God stops them. This is how people can protect themselves from hands or each other as a proper human community. This is why people must try their best to help each other in doing good for one another and they must not let each other do bad to each other. This is how the human community can stay safe and will not need any saviour after destroying itself by doing wrongs to each other. My explanations should make clear to people how they are made fools by ignorant people who claim to be religious leaders. This is why they need to educate themselves properly or keep suffering terribly painfully. There is no one coming to save anyone or to forgive any crimes people commit against each other for their petty personal gains at each other's expense. Such beliefs and practices are utterly false and are invented to make fools of people so that they remain put after wrong is done to them in hope that someone else will come and save them or will put things right for them.

It is people themselves who are supposed to keep their world the way they want it because the world is what people make it to be all by themselves. God does not intervene in this world the way religious people believe it to be the case. So stop reading mullahs translations and interpretation of the quran and learn language of the quran to see how wrong people are about the quran. Deen of islam is very simple, be a community and work hard for ensuring well being of each other according to the best of your God given abilities and share the benefits appropriately. This is why there is no concept of joblessness or unemployment in deen of islam. It is because deen of islam is about helping each other to develop to full potential by actualising potentialities God has placed in people and not to prevent each other from progress and prosperity by placing obstacle and hurdles in each other's way. This is why religion and secularism cannot compete with deen of islam.

Now let us look at sunnah concept of mullahs and their foolish followers. They think muslims should act like the final messenger of God or copy him or imitate his actions. They have no sense to realise that if people follow a daily routine they become stuck with it therefore they cannot develop or make progress therefore they cannot prosper as a community and instead they stagnate and regress as rest of humanity moves on. Deen of islam tells us to go back in time for things which provide us basis for our best future and that we must move forward in time so that we have a great future. The quran nowhere tells us to follow messenger of God in a way that makes us get stuck in the 7th century arabian desert. It instead it tells us to be on the top of the world by building a community based upon the model the quran provides for building such a community. The quran tells us how to create wealth properly and how to distribute it so that there is no one poor or weak in the proper human community. This is why there is no concept of charity for the poor in deen of islam instead all muslim are supposed to be in the very same boat. It is because each and every person belongs to God and each and every thing belongs to God. So no one is doing anything for anyone rather all are doing everything for sake of God whereby all benefit. In such a society all are humble that God has chosen them to help others for his sake. This is why an able bodied person cannot look down upon a person with disabilities with disdain or as a burden on society. This is how trinity of rulers, money lenders and mullahs becomes fully exposed as axis of evil.


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My next problem is with people who say there is no scientific knowledge in the quran. This in my view is result of their lack of awareness or realisation of the fact that people do not have knowledge of the future ie people cannot know future till it comes to pass. In other words we human beings cannot know things we must come to know till our time has come for knowing those things.

Let me try and explain this issue by way of an example. Let us suppose we have a newly born baby and all his relatives have phds in various fields of knowledge. Can they teach all that they know to that new born baby at once? No, they cannot. Why not? It is because we humans are created by God to grow or evolve with time both psychologically as well as biologically so we cannot learn anything at all till our time has come to learn it. So people even to memorise a message need ample time let alone its proper understanding. People are born knowing absolutely nothing. They need to start learning things by direct experience of things and this is where science starts from because without direct interactions with things we could not learn or know anything at all in our lives as already explained in detail. It is because as I explained already in my very first post our brains can only understand things by way of explanations of things alone. In other words explanations arise in our minds by thinking or reasoning after observation of things. The question is what are we doing when we say we are reasoning? We try to connect dots in our minds about things we are thinking about. As explained already in my first post we learn how to make links or connections between things just as we learned right from the start by looking at nature as to how things are interconnected physically.

This is how we use a mental process called deductive reasoning. This is why my first post is very important for people to try and understand. This is why people who have not yet learned to be rational at the very basic level they cannot understand the quran either because the quran is a book for people who have reached the highest stage or level of understanding things rationally. It is because people who have translated and interpreted the quran they have not reached that level therefore they have turned the message in the quran into a nonsense in their translations or interpretations.

This is why in my view we cannot have any proper interpretation of the quran till we reach the level of knowledge that is required for interpreting the quran properly. The quran talks about all things essential for knowledge of humanity for bringing about a proper human community in the kingdom of God. They cannot do so till they learn the quran as it ought to be learned. A scripture from God had to be such that was sensible or rational so irrational people till they become rationally solid could never interpret it correctly. One has to think about how many people we have in this world who have attained to three levels of understanding things I have explained. In this world as far as I see it, a lot of people are ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, untrained or unskilled or inexperienced in thinking or reasoning things properly so they are superstitious who believe anything and everything without being able to reason things out properly. In short they have not learned the sense of making proper sense of things.

Besides being able to put two and two together we humans have a huge problem with human language. Very few of us have ability to know and use our mother tongue as effectively as it ought to be used. Our vocabularies are very limited this is why we cannot express ourselves to each other properly. We can see a dictionary has say 100 thousand words but how many of them we can truly spell correctly or know their meanings or proper uses? Then how many of us know how human languages came about and developed? Why is this vitally important to know? It is because our use of language is very different from God's use of language. Why it is different? It is because God already knows all there is to know about anything and everything but we humans don't. Why not? Because it takes time for us to discover or learn things as already explained in detail For example, when we use a word for naming something, we do not necessary know anything much about the thing we name but God does in all its detail. For example, we named a thing, human being, but what do we really know about this creature we call a human being? So far very little. Had God told us things about human beings, could we therefore understand them? No, I just gave example of a baby with phd relatives. We will still need time to grow and make sense of things by ourselves at our own pace of learning through direct interacting with things.

So our level of knowledge is no where near level of knowledge of God. It can never be. Moreover God did not reveal his message to reinforce the nonsense we already have gathered in our heads but to teach us something very different because he had a purpose in his mind for creating us human beings and all the rest of things we see all around us or not see yet because they are hidden from us or are beyond our reach for the time being. This is why he revealed his message to tell us what his purpose was and what part in his scheme of things we need to play in order to fulfil that purpose. This is why he told us how to live or what to do and how to do it so that we could fulfil the purpose for which God has created us. This is why knowing the quran properly is absolutely necessary for us as it ought to be known but it cannot be known unless we come to know its related real world realities first. In other words we must first go through our learning stages as explained already before we the people could make any real sense of the quran.

Coming to human languages, in our human languages words have multiple meanings, the question is how can we come to know which meaning is meant by God for a word when we try to understand or make sense of message of God? This is where in comes the idea of context. This is why the quran cannot be understood unless we first try to read it to discover its proper context and context as I have already explained in detail comes from the purpose of the text. This is why anyone who criticises the text of the quran must first learn a lot of vitally important things before one could say anything and everything about the quran properly. Just knowing a particular language is not enough to interpret the quran, this is why even arabs are as confused as nonarabs when it comes to proper understanding of the quran. Arabs do not know how to understand the quran properly. Why not? Because they are as dumb about things I am talking about and going to talk about as any other people in the world. Just by reading a book we cannot understand things it talks about till we also learn properly about its related things and understand them, so that we could make sense of the book. That is where proper understanding comes from. You cannot be a good politician just by reading a book about politics or for that matter any other book about anything else eg economics or engineering or medicine or law or even a cooking book etc etc. Let me explain it by way of an example. Suppose you tell a baby, make me a cup of tea. What do you think the baby needs to know before he could make you a cup of tea? Can you see where I am getting at? Likewise if we do not learn about things we need to know for proper understanding of the quranic message then we cannot understand the quran properly. This is why people spend a good several years in learning some professions or trades. This is why to specialise in understanding of the quran properly one has to do vitally needed homework.

Coming back to origin and develop of human language, why knowing its origin and development is vitally important for us? It is because only and only then we can know the mechanism involved in origin of words and their meanings or how words came about and how they got their meanings. This is how we can come to know why words have the meaning they have. Once we know the mechanism then we will never be able to dispute with one another as to how many different meanings the very same word can have in a human language and why nor how many different words actually have the very same meaning as well. It will first confuse us very much when we will become aware of the fact that a word can have thousands of meanings and that thousands of words can be used for expressing the very same meaning. It is this very reason that forced me to try to write a special dictionary for this purpose. A type of dictionary that no one has bothered to write yet or rather none has even realised yet that we need that sort dictionary.

Vast vocabulary is necessary for two reasons a)for expressing our own thoughts to others because the better command we have on language the better we are able to express ourselves to others so that others could get what we mean by saying something b) for understanding others ie the better we can sense what others are saying or telling us the better we will be able to understand their intentions as to what they mean by saying what they have said. Language is basically about naming things so that we could know what or who we are talking about. It is about their descriptions or what they do or why they do what they do or how they do what they do or where they do what they do or when they do what they do etc etc. Not only that we learn about how things are positioned relative to each other or how they are related to each other. Moreover we need to get things together at times and separate them at other times etc etc. So human language is no doubt a very complex thing to make sense of. This is why people spend years in mastering it just regarding its use.

Some times we see things are so simple but at other times so complex eg if we look at maths or things, we are always either putting things together or busy separating them depending upon how they suit us or serve our purposes. This is what all sciences and all life is about ie to deconstruct what is naturally there and reconstruct it the way it serves our purposes. Take a tree for example, we chop it up and make lovely things out of its wood. Same we do with the earth and all it contains. All because we observed the natural world and found out what nature does and how it does it so we put that into practice and make things the way they suit us. Problem only arises when we do things our way in such a way that we become a terrible problem for each other in this world. This is where in comes the need for guidance from God our creator and provider of all things for our living so that we could have a purposeful great life in this world as well as in hereafter.

So coming back to why we cannot interpret the quranic text properly about its statements regarding the future is because none of us human beings know future so we can only conjecture or guess about it by looking at the past. So if we humans ourselves do not know future then how can we claim that the quran does not tell us anything about future? It is because to know what God is saying about future we humans will have to reach that future time only then those things will become clear for us and that is only if we were interested in knowing them properly. So the claim by scientists that if the quran had any knowledge about future in it then it ought to be found in the books of tafaseer of the quran is a wrong way of looking at the quran and its tafaseer by human beings. However, the text of the quran will always be found fully justifiable in light of the real world realities because that is the way it is put together by its author ie the one and only true God.

Let me try and explain this issue yet more in detail. No doubt the quran is a book of science from the very beginning to the very end but whenever scientists make any discovery we do not see it in the existing interpretations of the quran, why not? It is because interpretations of the quranic text are by human beings and human beings cannot understand things of the future till that future becomes their present or comes to pass. This is why criticising the quranic text instead of understanding the issue involved is not a valid way to go about this issue. The right way to look at the quranic text is to see if the text in the quran remains in line with our solid new discoveries because that is all we can do due to lack of our ability to see into the future or past or even wider present.

It is an indisputable fact that when it comes to our knowledge about the future, all we can do is look at the possibilities and if there is a way whereby the quranic text can be justified in light of our new scientific discoveries then we cannot declare the quranic text invalid. Of course, we can declare any interpretation of the quran by anyone invalid if it fails to justify the quranic text provided we can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the quranic text is justifiable by our reinterpreting it in light of our new discoveries. The question is how do we do that? We can do that by having the quranic text and a dictionary which has the possible meanings of words used in the quran according to the mechanism whereby words have been interpreted throughout the history of the human language. In short all we need is the quran and a comprehensive dictionary of the quranic words with their possible meanings.

Our existing dictionaries are also very useful because they help us discover the mechanism whereby people used to give new meanings to already existing words for their purposes or uses. So long as people of the past could update their dictionaries by giving the old words new meanings they did not necessarily invent new words. This point about relationship between human language and human progress is vitally important to grasp before one could interpret the quran properly. On this basis the quran is a book of science because it is about a way of life which can ensure progress of humanity at a speed not possible otherwise. I have explained how of this in detail already. This is what forced me to write a new kind of dictionary so that people could, to some degree, become independent of interpreters of the scriptures. This short explanation solves the conflict which people have in their minds between the quran and the science forever.

Coming to human language, it is of vital importance to know that human language was not there in the begin rather it was invented by human beings themselves as they came about and evolved or progressed with time just as humans have been inventing things through out times and places.

When it comes to the quran, just as we do not know our future so we do not know our past either or for that matter our present at a much wider scale. All we can do is try our best to figure out ways to see if we can get some ideas about our present or past or future etc. This is why we always try to work out ways for knowing things to some degree as far as it is possible for us regardless they are about past, present or future. So the main thing is knowing the ways for being, having, using or doing things. So long as we can know something beyond any reasonable doubt that should be sufficient for living our lives on that basis because it is not possible for humanity to know anything one hundred percent nor everything 100%. This is because we can only trust our minds and senses or each other up to a degree and not 100%. All our knowledge is based upon trial and error method which in turn is based upon suppositions. This is why in learning knowledge we can only go as far as it is practical or possible for us. Beyond that our thinking cannot go because our logic breaks down. This is why we can only know some of the things about God in some respects but not all in every respect.


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deene islam ka taqaaza hai keh is ke maqsade nazool ko jaana jaaye. maqsade deene islam nahin jaana jaa sakta jab tak maqsade takhleeqe kaainaat theek tarah se na jaan liya jaaye, to maqsade takhleeqe kaainaat kaise jaana jaa sakta hai? ye hai asal sochne aur samajhne ki baat.

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It is SOWM that is pillar of deen of islam not roza or fasting. Sowm in the quranic context does not mean fasting ie staying hungry and thirsty during month of ramadaan from very early in the morning till the sunset every day.



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