Chor Chor, Hijra Hijra , aur Leader sirf Khan hota hai!


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the quality and standard of opposition narrative is getting from bad to worse. they dont know if they are coming or going. Even Billo Rani has run out of steam and "her" voice is becoming even more annoying!

they have the cheek to call Khan selected -when they are the product of selection and even worse , a WILL by "her" mother

NS is not far behind- the MC thinks he owns Pakistan (Punjab) and keeps telling us about the M-ways>> have you got anything else to tell us??-done nothing for the poor, the needy, the farmers, the Overseas. Not one hospital worth mentioning,. Not one step to improve justice or police system, not one step to improve flood control, not one thing to improve education , univeristy standars

Khan on the other hand is doing it. He knows the direction and is able to guide others. The filtering process willl continue until he achievs his objectives. Just been two years so needs time.
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Our pakistani brothers fail to understand how to apply islam blended in their lives. Imran khan doing his best. So obvious.

Its human nature jubh apnae purr purhtee hae phirr putta chulta hae kae change itna ASAAN nahee doosrae kee situation Daekh kurr buk buk kurrna. I remember imran khan used to say lot of things 10 yrs ago against gen musharaf now today he fully understand dairr ayae durust ayae.

Ubh imran khan koe putah chulgaya phuns gaya pakistan koe honestly change kurna impossible hae keeyoun kae rasoolullah kee taleemaat yanee islam koe insani nuzreeae sae sonchta nahee amaall bohut khuraab jhoot budmashi huraam koe pakistani bhai sumujhtae hee nahee.

But 17 saal imran khan could have just done some charity work ONLY instead going for PM as ultimate goal. Which he achieved.
Try kurnae inspite of negatives orr lugae rehnaa honestly FOR ALLAH inspite 100% know who pakistanis are ALLAH IMRAN KOE ISSKOE TRY TRY AGAIN KAE POINTS TOE MEELENGAE suwaab.

Pechlee imran khan kee juwani sex drugs ayeeyashi mein guzree. Laikin maun kae intaeqaal kae baad numazi seeda saada mohibulwatan bunna orr impossible kaam to keeyae apnae 50s age mein jubh hum thuk chukae hoetae hein. Keeya kheeyal hae.
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