Chief Selector Inzamam-ul-Haq resigns from his post


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اپنی بھانجے کو بھی ساتھ لے جا


شیعب ملک

ایماد وسیم ریلو کٹا، ایک گھیٹا سوچ کا ہیرو جو افغانوں سے جیت پر خوش ہوتے ہیں، لعنت تم پر

ہرون رشید اور باقی 60 سال کے بابے ان کو تو نکالو

اور دوبارہ اس موٹے کو بولو اپنی شکل نہ دکھائے


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When this Karachi based captain will resign? Poor record, abysmal performance still clinging on to captaincy with Karachi based journalists support.
next is railu kutta, also from Karachi. Imad Waseem. Lanat on the nation that praises him for win against Afghanistan.

pti 56

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lol now he is looking for some other department to contribute with his vast experience


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Good! Dafa hua mardood. Baighairat buhat musalman banta hai....iski herkaten sari chroron wali aur shaitano wali hain
Aqraba parwari....politics and then getting unfair monetary advantages from the board...asshole! Kutta!


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Good luck Inzimam bahi we still love you and thank you for all you have given to Pakistan cricket you are a wonderful human being and always loved.For people who criticize Imam ul haq they should just check the record of the boy atleast he is more consistent than many openers Pakistan has tried in last few years he deserves to stay in the team and improve as an opener and be more consistent and with confidence he will insha Allah improve his strike rate.All the criticism he gets he is still performing under pressure and imagine he is not criticised so much he will have no pressure on him and he will play better.

Faisal Mian

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Don't dare to listen to you... you were a good batsman of Pakistan, internationally just above average... nothing more than this, no intellectualness.

Thank you for resigning voluntarily otherwise might have been asked to step down.

Nadir Bashir

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Imam has done well............We need at least three good middle order batsmans with good strike rate like babar azam...............
Also we need some hard hitters allrounders like Razzaq in the Depth...............
Also we are lack of one good right handed bowler.............
Aamir has to do a lot of hard work to be a part of team for next four years..............

His speed and swing is disapointing......................


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sorry to see you go INZI, there was nothing wrong with your team selection, but you just couldn’t control only 11 bastards, they were talented bunch, but won’t play as one unit, and when they did play as one unit, they would beat any team, simple example:
Only team that has beaten both finalists, England and new Zealand was Pakistan, it was too late when they started playing their team game.
Good bye.
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