As expected British Govt Rejects Petition To Deport Ishaq Dar | 24 News HD


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humaray Bhikaari mulk key saath aisa hi hona chahyee.................these corrupt politican never ever made that deal so they will keep themselves safe.


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They will come up with a similar excuse for returning looted funds. Guys like Ishaq Dar and Altaf Hussain are their stooges, pawns, to be used at the right time.

Fact is, despite the lack of a mutual treaty, the law allows for ad-hoc arrangements. Pakistan has extradited criminals wanted in the UK in the past. In this case, the allegations aginst Ishaq Dar are massive..and not sure why UK wont consider it and try to give it a political hue.


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In return.....stop all counter money laundering and criminal cooperation with the UK....the other day IK was praising ISI as the best spy agency in the world....if it was as good as the Mossad.....they would have abducted Ishaq Dar and packed him on a private plane back to Pakistan. Since the 70'sThe Mossad routinely abducts wanted criminals in Europe and packs them on private jets and brings them back to israel.....ISI itni dunya ki sabsey achi agency hai then why cant it bring back Ishaq Dar? My message to PTI....Stop selling hopes and dreams to keep the domestic audience in control....we are not all fools...
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دوستو پاکستان میں ایک عورت ہوتی تھی

اس کا نام ماروی میمن یا شائد ماروی جمّن ہوتا تھا

کیا مر گئی ہے
کافی دنوں سے اسکا نام نہیں سنا


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In UK if the number of people who sign the petition is more than 10,000 then the governement has to give a respose.When the number of signatures exceeds 100,000 then the petition is considered for a debate in parliament.The government is under no obligation to act .Millions of people signed a petition against Trump's visit to UK.There was a debate in the parliament but the visit still went ahead.NAB/FIA lawyers need to do their homework and file a criminal case against Dar .A red warrant must be issued through interpol to arrest him.


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Rather then asking him to come back do Mosad type intelligence operation mean salay ko tapka daloo takaay dosray desi choor Ebraat pakrein aur jab adalat buliey tu Pakistan wapis aien khud hee
contact altaf bhai bori wala - the CEO of east india sack company


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What r u going to do with him after his repatriation?
We have thousands of such dacoits here.
Try to apprehend them and extract people's money.
Nothing is going to happen.
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