Arif Hameed Bhatti slams Fazal-ur-Rehman on criticising state institutions

Zaidi Qasim

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Chutiya Insaan Bhatti .... Army 's work is not to ban channels and stop the media from showing what ever is happening in the country .


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and spend one day inside DHA golf resorts with army SUV and driver with cook and khansamay...... 🤣
bahi-mardood i see you always mock Islam but this devil is your ally! not strange at all. But he did swallow land meant for affected people and consumed an ocean of lassi. I take it bahi-mardood you appear to be a student from the phutto schools of failures!


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یہ کوئی اچھی پیشکش نہیں اگر اس نے بھی جواب میں یہی ڈیمانڈ رکھدی تو آرمی آفیسر سے بھی نہیں ہو پائے گا۔


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Yeh Bhatti bhi WWF wala pehlwan hai bus challenge ker do or result kuch bhi nahin. Program kero maal bano challenge kero rating berho bus...


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Haha Molana an army officer?
He can't even see and tie his shoe laces? That is the reason he never played
football as he cant see the ball. 😃


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The life of army officers is grand.

I have seen it. Before their arrival, even our teachers were scared and painted the school like some paak damen honest person was coming when the whole year our school was dirty.

There's an army of slaves saluting the officers.

Mr Bhatti, the life of an officer is luxurious.

Anyone can live a life like that. That's why Baja doesn't want to leave that life.
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