Total Cases
Coronavirus in Pakistan
PUNJAB 2,241 BALUCHISTAN 212 Deaths 63
KP 560 AJK/GB 246 Recovered 572

میں نے جہاں تک ہوسکا دوستی نبھائی، عمران خان نے نہیں نبھائی- ہارون رشید


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No doubt that u supported IK before election , but U have done a lot of propagenda against imran khan after the election ,
Now u have given up and want things to be the same again , unfortunately it will never be


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Frustrated Patwaries are getting impulsive & anguished with each passing day.

They simply could not figure out how on earth this man (IK) is turning around everything in his favour in spite of countless emphatic endeavour by leaving behind a financial Minefield planted by Ishaq Dar & Miftah Ismail, non stop negative propaganda by Lifafa anchors & print media, Dharna by TLP Khadim Rizvi, Rent a Dharna by Maulana Diesel, Artificial Flour & Sugar crisis etc....etc.

But this is Imran Khan, the born Worrier...who loves challenges...& fights his very best if pushed to the wall......Rok sako to rok lo.....


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Pagal baba tried to blackmail Khan and wanted PTI tickets for his friends in Gujjar Khan.
iK refused to accommodate HR that’s why HR shows this kind of pathetic attitude
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