Media should highlight the plight of people in Thar after they get some free time from promoting Bilawal...


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بکاؤ میڈیا ٩ ماہ کی حکومت کے پوسٹ مارٹم سے فارغ ہو تو شاید سندھ حکومت کا دہائیوں پر محيط ظلم بھی نظر آ جائے
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Doctor sb

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میڈیا تبھی توجہ دے گا جب اسے چوسنے کے لیے دی جانے والی عوامی ٹیکس کی ہڈی میں کچھ وقفہ آۓ گا- آپ نے دیکھا نہیں عمران خان نے حقہ پانی بند کیا تو اس کی حرکات وسکنات پر محدب عدسہ لگا کر پوسٹ مارٹم کیا جا رہا ہے اور جہاں انسانی تباہی وبربادی سر اپا خاک ڈالے بیٹھی ہے اس کا کوئی زکر تک نہیں- جس قدر پاکستانی میڈیا بےحس و بدیانت ہے شاید کوئی نظیر ملتی ہو

Dunkin Donut

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I dont expect any decency from this media.

Lets not forget that this is the same media that was telecasting live dances from ISI sponsored attack of Islamabad while butchers were cutting innocent children in APS Peshawar.


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Now ‘Hijra Billo Rani’, is the accidental Chairman of PPP.
He was sworn in as Chairman by his mother’s fake will.

Billo never did anything in his life for a living; he lives on the looted money of his father which was stolen from the development funds of poor Sindh people.

His father is known internationally as Mr. 10% & his Aunt, Faryal Talpur is known as the best friend (?) of the notorious gang star Uzair Baloch.

Can Hijra Billo who often lectures big & loud from a prearranged script (prepared by patwaris) do something for poor sandhi?

The answer is regrettably no because Billo is a Jackass a buffoon, not a leader.
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