Maazrat Kay Saath - 8th August 2013 - Moulana Fazal Al Rehman Allegations on Imran Khan


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Unfortunately the enemy has now brought this war inside the borders like Mukti Baheni.
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PTI's own representative don't believe on PTI Chairman's statment???
Is Alvi still in PTI or he has joined PMLN or MQM????


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مجھے یہ کیوں لگ رہا ہے کہ مولانا فضول کا سپوکمن ہم پر انگریزی کا رعب جھاڑ رہا ہے . ایک تو ٹکلا اوپر سے آدھا انگریز . نہلے پے دہلا .


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Imran khan and pti should rise beyond this fazlu talk and slander and grow up and not respond to this hypocracy.
Get on with kpk that should be your only attention and please don't give oxygen to fazulus talk, he want distraction from pti agenda for kpk.
People are not stupid they gave pti the mandate despite molanas ealier lanthi calls and the people of kpk want imran to deliver and that is what matter to the people.
Imran khan has been talking about terrorism and it's solution and people will soon start talking that pti has no solution and only talk...... And is just exercising his jaw..
Give the people the real power to decide their fate of progression by giving them the power of spending their taxes the way they want," give them local government like you promised a real change"
time is slipping away and the public will soon lend it's eaars to this type of fazul fazlu talk.