Faisal Qureshi ne Live show kay doran pan kha kar Shahbaz Sharif ko Karara Jawab de dia


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جاگ پنجابی جاگ کا نعرہ لگانے والے ....می غلیظ نیچ چور فراڈیے لعنتی نواز شریف بٹ کے چمونے اور چھوٹے ...می شہباز شریف بٹ کو بھگو بھگو کر جوتے مارے ہیں


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One of the worst thing Bhutto did beside nationalization of Schools, Banks, Insurance companies, metal industries, heavy engineering, heavy electrical, petrochemicals, cement, was implementation of Quota system during the year 1974 for 10 years, Zia ul Haque increased it to another 10 years, it was kept on extended even while MQM was in government.

"It was undoubtedly Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who gave the death blow to quality education in the country. His rampant nationalisation of schools and colleges to provide jobs for his party workers (one of whom became the principal of a school despite not being able to sign his name) ensured that the common man would never be able to provide a decent education for his children. Teachers no longer took their work seriously, knowing that being government employees, they could never be sacked." Source

It is the result of Quota system that 3rd division-er were employed in Government jobs and as school and college teacher. Which resulted in very poor education quality and local administration.

Instead of opening new school and colleges who could provide quality education, existing schools were nationalized.

I hope that Imran Khan, once comes into power, will discontinue quota system which eating the foundation of the Province like a "Deemak" and open new school and colleges in Rural area providing high standard education.


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WOW ! I had much anger and wanted to say a lot for this royal member of thief family SHAHBAZ SHARIF that if investigated people will find the reasons behind every destruction of Karachi is your TAG TEAM, if investigated people will find why international airlines stopped coming to Karachi because of your TAG TEAM who planned terrorism in Karachi to divert business, who created a dry port in Punjab, transferred cargo on trucks from Karachi to Punjab and refused to pay the dues of Karachi port trust ? You proved to be a SCAM in the name of leader you and your tag team. And you have just burned a fire in many chests those who were trying not address you as a Punjabi because we know in Punjab there are beautiful hearted people live, their are our brothers, sisters, mother, who love Pakistan and see Pakistan as a Pakistani.....not as Punjabi that you just proved. F U SHAHBAZ SHAREEF
Karachi must support PTI and help a Patriotic Pakistani win to lead who's name is IMRAN KHAN
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better you keep your ass away from Karachi, Mian Sahab, warna itne jootay paren ge na ke baithne ka qabil bhi nahi reh jao ge