130 Children on 42 Bed Children Hospital Bahawalpur PUNJAB


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Medical facilities: ‘Funds sought for BVH children’s ward upgrade’

The MS said there were 130 children on 42 beds.

BAHAWALPUR: Funds to upgrade the Children’s Ward of Bahawal Victoria Hospital have been requested from the Health Department. Meanwhile, some patients have been moved to the Urology Ward to make up for shortage of beds.

BVH Medical Superintendent Irshad Hussain said this during a visit by Bahawalpur Commissioner Saqib Zafar.

Zafar checked the Children’s Ward and talked to parents of children admitted there. He inquired about the facilities and medicines being provided to them.

Quaid-i-Azam Medical College Principal Haroon Khursheed Pasha was also present.

The commissioner said a record should be maintained of every patient’s history so that steps could be taken to improve quality of treatment.

The MS told the commissioner the ward building was old and in a poor condition. He said the health secretary had been asked to issue funds to upgrade the ward.

The commissioner said a new building for the children’s ward should be constructed. “Patients currently being treated should be moved immediately,” he said.

The MS said there were

130 children on 42 beds.
He said many children who came to the hospital had previously been treated by quacks. He said steps should be taken to check quackery in villages.
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شیر بنو شیر..........تبدیلی آگئی ہے .........روٹی کپڑا ساتھ میں ١٢٠ گز کا فلیٹ بھی .....

..یا پھر




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On avg 3.5 Children on each bed
this is Punjab where SHARIFS have been ruling for 27 years
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